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C.S. Lewis on Desire

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probably explanation is that I was made for another world.”

C.S. Lewis

How do I not have more C.S. Lewis quotes here? I could literally make an entire account out of quoting “The Screwtape Letters.” 🤔

Ray Chang on Identity

“There are a ton of studies out there that show that political identities are a greater source of ones identity than their religion or ethnicity. The average Christian in the U.S. worships a donkey or an elephant more than the lamb of God. And the rising generation is taking note of this.”

@raychang502 speaking to @heatherthompsonday on the @viraljesuspod

I so enjoy this podcast. Whenever I find myself hitting the back button multiple times because I want to hear something said again I know it’s a thing that’s going in the “stuff to draw” folder. I’m a huge of Raymond (I drew him on here a few months ago) and he came swinging right out the gate on this one. 

I tried to fit A LOT into this one. I hope you can actually read it. 😅

Brady Boyd on Success

“Jesus did not speak English, was never married and had no children, did not own a home, and died an early death, abandoned by his closest friends. In other words, very little about his life measures up to our ideas of success. Maybe, we are the ones who need to redefine success.”

@pastorbradyboyd on twitter

There’s a lot of different ways to take this but I know personally that redefining success for me has nothing to do with owning large houses and electric cars and a lot more to do with loving God and loving people. I love the idea that a person can literally seek God and then redefine their definitions and become a “success” today. 

Charles Spurgeon on Pancakes

“There is hardship in everything, except in eating pancakes.”

Charles Spurgeon

I don’t know what else to add to this. 🤷‍♂️

I usually have pancakes after a long run on Saturday morning. Personally, I like the Bisquick gluten-free pancakes, not because I’m gluten-free but I really like that you can’t over mix it. Plus I don’t feel like I have a stomach full of paper ache after eating it. I used to use the Martha Stewart recipe that’s floating around out there but it’s kind of a hassle and way too easy to mess up. Waffles are good too, but they don’t get that crispy buttery edge like you can get with a pancake. 

I don’t know if you came here for breakfast talk but there it is – breakfast talk! 😅 This will be the second sticker in my series of Spurgeon stickers. I’ll make another post when it’s ready to ship!

Note: I’m colorblind so I sampled colors from a picture of pancakes. If it’s totally off just know I did my best!

Russell Moore on those in Ecclesial Power

“To those of you who have been bullied and intimidated, had your names and your reputations destroyed by those in ecclesial power because you spoke up about abuse, or stood with those who did: 

Jesus is far better than this. And he’s watching.

Goodbye to all of that.”

@russellmoore on Twitter

I know these tweets (and my post from yesterday) are in reference to the happenings at the SBC. I can’t say I understand 100% what’s going on but if there’s a side to take, one side being that of power and the other side being that of those who have been damaged, I feel like standing with the damaged is the proper position to take. We are not perfect, and we don’t expect those in power to be perfect but we expect them to be honest. My desire is that they’d rather risk their power than silence the powerless. 

Rebecca McLaughlin on the Truth

“If any church, denomination, or organization cannot survive the disclosure of the truth, it should disband.

If any Christian leader’s reputation cannot survive the disclosure of the truth, they should step down.

Jesus Christ will build his church. He doesn’t depend on coverups.”

@rebecc_mclaugh on Twitter

I don’t know if there’s much to add to this. I know some will say “we are not called to be perfect” and they would be totally correct – perfection is not an achievable goal. But I would say we are called to be honest. Honest is something we can be. 

Donny Friederichsen on Scripture

“Albert Schweitzer, at the end of his critique of the ‘Quest for the Historical Jesus’ in the late 19th-early 20th c., came to the conclusion that the historical Jesus always bore an uncanny resemblance to the researcher.

Point being, once you rip Jesus from the written word of Scripture, you get a Jesus that always affirms your preconceptions and never challenges your idols.”

Donny Friederichsen on Twitter

I try to plan out a little bit of what I post on here but every now and then someone writes, speaks, or tweets something that just seems to hit a little different at the time. Personally and humbly, I want to know the real Jesus and not the one that I can conjure in my own mind. Thankfully I live in a time where I’m able to do the work and have access to so many resources to support that.

Mary Marantz on Authors

“There is a tendency for people to want to write books but not be authors. The difference between the two is whether you are originating new ideas or just taking a bunch of inspiring things out there and calling them your own.”

@marymarantz on the The Call to Mastery with @jordanraynor

I’ve illustrated a few quotes from The Call to Mastery podcast – it’s one the few that when I try a new podcast app (this happens more often than you’d expect) I subscribe to that one from memory. It’s always thought provoking.

Wow…this was a convicting episode for me. I mean…my whole thing here is taking other peoples ideas around faith and Christianity and combining them with my illustration style. If I’m being totally transparent – sometimes it’s easy to present an idea that’s a little jarring because it’s not my own. I’m using my voice (in this case art) to say someone else’s words. In some sense, I get the credit but they take the risk.

I didn’t start this to be an author but when Mary spoke on this topic about bringing something original it really presented a lot of questions for me. All that to say, I don’t plan on upending this account or anything like that but there have been times where I’ve had ideas of things I’ve wanted to do or say but have been more hesitant to do so. Maybe I’ll try to be more open to them in the future. 🤔

This episode was great – Mary’s story is very compelling and I found myself going to back to catch quotes over and again! I knew I was going to draw this one pretty early on but the quote kept changing; I probably should have sketchnoted the whole thing. 

I really want to pick up her book “Dirt” but I’m on a self-imposed book buying moratorium. Friends – I have a problem. 😳😅

Nikolaus Zinzendorf on your own quiet faith

“Remember, you must never use your position to lord it over the heathen. Instead, you must humble yourself and earn their respect through your own quiet faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. The missionary must seek nothing for themselves. You must be content to suffer, die, and be forgotten.”

Nikolaus Zinzendorf – German Reformer 1700 – 1760

I’ve had the quote “Preach the Gospel, die, and be forgotten” in my queue for a while and I wanted to research a little where it came from and apparently it’s from this quote! 

The idea that we should earn the respect of people through a quiet faith and not through a boastful proud faith – wow. Some real 1 Thessalonians 4:11 vibes happening here for sure.

Matt Chandler on what is noble and good

“I think so many of the problems, including a lack of power in evangelicalism, is directly tied to the state of Biblical illiteracy and the belief that the Bible was given to guys like me to explain to you.”

“We live in an environment that’s charged and you can refuse to participate in the outrage and the anger.”

“I worry about how Christians fuel their souls with nonsense rather than Paul’s admonition in Phillipians to whatever is noble and good and trustworthy.”

@mattchandler74 at @storylinearvada

I saw parts of this sermon floating around twitter and I ended up watching the whole thing. Like every Matt Chandler sermon I’ve stumbled across it’s fantastic – I probably should have sketch noted it in its’ entirety! I don’t usually do this but here are three quotes from this that gave me a lot of think about. I usually try to boil it down to a single one but I couldn’t do it this time, here’s the link if you have a chance to check it out!


I can usually tell when a service is good for me when it has me running to the Bible after listening to it – not to nitpick or sharpshoot but to enjoy and explore! 🙌