Ed Stetzer on Cable News

“If cable news is keeping you from unity with your brothers and sisters in Christ, turn it off, unplug it, unsubscribe from it, and prioritize your church over cable.”

@edstetzer on twitter

I think the thing to keep in mind here is the phrase “cable news” and not politics. I don’t shy away from talking to people about their politics because I’m interested in knowing why they think what they think. I don’t think cable news is politics as much as it is anger incitement. I mean, if you watch cable news and you enjoy the process and you find it leaves you a well-rounded person then by all means; carry on. But if you find yourself arguing with your brothers and sisters because they don’t agree with what Maddow or Tucker said last night; if you see others as “not as informed as you” because they didn’t watch “the news”, if you find yourself criticizing the pastor to your friends because they’re “too scared to say anything” or if you find yourself condescendingly questioning someones political theories (or worse, their salvation) because they don’t follow or listen to the same stream of cable news you do then maybe what Dr. Stetzer says here is advice you should look at.

Note: I didn’t realize this but you won’t find this tweet in his feed because his tweets self destruct in a week. 😳 I had a screenshot saved because that’s how I save idea’s but in this case it worked out great!

By Paul Mignard

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