Derrick DeLain on going to the Source

“Oftentimes we have our own beliefs about who Jesus is. My hope is that we would put aside what we believe and actually go to the source; see what Jesus says about Himself, and let that determine what we believe.”

@d_delain from the sermon “I Am” from @proclamation_tn

I try to listen to A LOT of different people and I value what they say immensely. I love this point though that sometimes what I think of Jesus is based on an abstraction – my belief is a thing that came from what someone else read about Jesus or worse, something they also heard from someone else. If you’re in the software world, this is the idea of leaky abstractions – and the more abstractions you make, the leakier they get.

I love this definition from Pastor Derrick. We have the source. We can listen to everyone and anyone but we should always be willing to go back to the Bible to see what God truly says about his Son.

By Paul Mignard

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