Matt Chandler on what is noble and good

“I think so many of the problems, including a lack of power in evangelicalism, is directly tied to the state of Biblical illiteracy and the belief that the Bible was given to guys like me to explain to you.”

“We live in an environment that’s charged and you can refuse to participate in the outrage and the anger.”

“I worry about how Christians fuel their souls with nonsense rather than Paul’s admonition in Phillipians to whatever is noble and good and trustworthy.”

@mattchandler74 at @storylinearvada

I saw parts of this sermon floating around twitter and I ended up watching the whole thing. Like every Matt Chandler sermon I’ve stumbled across it’s fantastic – I probably should have sketch noted it in its’ entirety! I don’t usually do this but here are three quotes from this that gave me a lot of think about. I usually try to boil it down to a single one but I couldn’t do it this time, here’s the link if you have a chance to check it out!

I can usually tell when a service is good for me when it has me running to the Bible after listening to it – not to nitpick or sharpshoot but to enjoy and explore! 🙌

By Paul Mignard

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