Jesus is Better

“Jesus is Better” by @zachmaldo is out TODAY! 🥳

I had the pleasure of working on this piece for Zach and seriously; this book is awesome! Personally, I find it easy to get caught up in the rule-keeping and the ceremony of things but Zach really talks about Jesus in a way that is exciting and answers a lot of questions in a way you really might not have thought about! Personally I like the section about how Jesus is better than self help but I’m a recovering self help junkie so it really spoke to me in particular.

Check it out, I’m sure there’s something in there you’ll be blessed by! 🙌

Tending the Fire

“Call men to a passionate and sacrificial quest with the odds stacked against us, and you can’t keep us away.” @wolfandiron(Mike Yarbrough) from “Tending the Fire”

This is not a book about hunting or sports or beer or whatever things spring to mind when you think about “manliness” or “being a man.” There is a much higher calling here. It’s a book about taking responsibility and about showing up and being present. It’s a book about courage and discipline and spirituality. It’s a quick read, but I think it works better if you just pick it up, read a section, and then wrestle with it for the day. 

There are a ton of good quotes but this one stood out to me. Mike seems to be a guy with his hand in a lot of different things and I’m thankful that he wrote a book that’s challenging and insightful.

I usually give away the books I read but I’m keeping this one. And that cover illustration is SO GOOD! 🤩 Hat tip to @eyeballfortress

Jesus is Better

“The good news of Jesus is that you’re enough. You’re no longer defined by your failures or successes. We can give up and give into who Jesus is. We don’t have to push through; the work for our acceptance and worth is finished.” @zachmaldo

I love the last part of that statement. I’m a huge fan of habits and self-discipline and hustle and all that but it has to be framed in a healthy way and not tied to your worth. Our worth is not really tied to anything that we do or have done; our worth is in Him. 

I was fortunate to have a preview of Zach’s new book “Jesus is Enough” and I found it to super-enjoyable. There’s a whole section on Jesus being “Better than Self-Help” and I feel like as a recovering self-help junkie it was written just for me! It’ll come out later this year and I’ll post another piece then but I became such a fan of Zach through this and his YouTube channel I thought I’d share something now! 🙌

Are You Really OK?

“It’s easy to dream of where we want to be, but what sets health people apart from unhealthy people comes down to the steps they make to move toward change.” Debra Fileta from @truelovedates in her new book “Are You Really Ok?”

I want to be careful with this topic because I feel like modern Christian culture tells us things about therapy, medication, and mental health that are at best kinda wrong but at worst can lead to damaging results.

I’ve heard all of phrases relating to depression and anxiety and usually they are short and vapid and followed by an out of context verse. Therapy, therapists, and medications are all totally valid ways to deal with mental health. 

I was sent over an advanced copy of this book because Debra is an awesome person and I’m a fan of her work. This book is super insightful if at times hard to read because there is a lot of transparency in here. This is a very personal story and God’s love is all over it. I appreciate the frank tone but also the concrete steps and tactics outlined to deal with a multitude of issues. I’ll be picking it up on kindle because I couldn’t highlight the pdf I have. First world problems and all. 🤷‍♂️

I’ve been highly influenced by her work – this isn’t just a book for those struggling; it’s for all of us. It’s available today on Amazon! 

Love in Every Season by Debra Fileta

I love being married. It’s seriously the great adventure of my life and it keeps getting better and better. Like all rewarding things in life though it’s not something that just happens; I gotta keep sharpening the axe. In saying that “Love in Every Season” by Debra Fileta is a fantastic (and biblical) exploration into the different phases people can find themselves in from time to time. It’s a quick read that is highly entertaining and provides a great framework to view your relationship through. If you happen to be at a bookstore at least flip through it and read the gray highlights; you’ll find something that speaks to you! Check it out!

No One Else to Blame

Taking advice from @jockowillink tonight.

Managing Leadership Anxiety – Steve Cuss

I sketch noted Managing Leadership Anxiety by @stevecusswords. I’m going to tread lightly here; anxiety is a prickly topic that I’m not qualified to speak about. I did find a lot of great tools and tactics in this book. I found it pretty difficult to sketch note because the topics are sometimes subtle and deeply profound (especially his chapter on Anxiety, Freedom, and How the Gospel Works.) Frankly, most of my topics are pretty light and here I am reading Steve’s journey as a chaplain at a trauma hospital and seeing a side of the world I’m generally not exposed to. All that to say; this one is deep. Steve presents real causes of anxiety in different situations and not only how to deal with them but more importantly he explains where they came from. It’s actually a pretty quick read but to get the most out of it I’d recommend going through it a few times and Steve actually recommends going through it with a group. There’s a lot to unpack here – check it out! Steve has a podcast as well; you can find out more at (such a great url 🙌.)

Plugged In by Dr. Daniel Strange

This was a pretty interesting quote from “Plugged In” by Dr. Daniel Strange. The chapter was speaking to what kind of culture we as Christians should allow into our homes. Rather than provide a typical response (“watch this but not that”) he posed this statement which changes the question from “what should I allow” to “what should I create?” Love this!

Master of One – Jordan Raynor

The paragraph on avoiding side paths is worth the price of the book for me. Master on One by @jordanraynor

Finish by Jon Acuff

Here’s a visual summary of the book Finish by @jonacuff ! If you struggle with perfectionism, pick up this book. It’ll read your mind, it’ll give you real tactics to deal with your perfectionistic tendencies, and it’ll make you laugh because there are some ridiculous analogies in there. Seriously; so good!