4-Letter Words Part III: Hope

I headed back over to Resurrection Church this weekend to view part III of their 4-Letter word series. Pastor Ed delivered a great sermon and gave me the opportunity to draw Ezekiel 37! 😅 It’s a great group of people doing awesome work!

There is a River

One thing I appreciate about a Charles Billingsley sermon is the amount of stuff that you’re going to learn by the time it’s over. He packs them FULL. 😅 The hardest part about drawing them is figuring out what to cut! Here are the TRBC notes for the weekend! 🔥🔥🔥

4-Letter Words Part II: Hell

I was invited to sketch note a sermon for @res_church in Aurora, IL and here are my notes!

As a Christ-follower, I am not a “burn in hell” guy – far from it. I feel like the topic of hell and the way it’s used to either scare or punish others is contemptible at best and could be damaging in many cases. But it is something that is a core subject of Christianity and needs to be addressed. I thought Pastor James did a great of addressing the topic with compassion and reverence and discussing not only what hell is but what our response to it should be. 

Resurrection Church

A Life Worth Living

I’m always challenged at the kind of sermons where Pastor Jonathan directs us to “not look like the world.” Here are my notes and I hope the service spoke to you like it did to me! 🙌

Faith With Feet: James 5

Pastor Jonathan closed out the series on James this week! It’s a challenging book; one that deserves more than a “once a year” review!

Faith With Feet: The Right Path

Faith With Feet: What We Say and What We Sow

Faith With Feet: Faith and Works

Faith with Feet

Father of Fathers