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  • David – The Weak Became Strong

    David – The Weak Became Strong

    My sketch notes from the 9-11-2022 service at Thomas Road Baptist Church. You can download the pdf below! 👇🏻

  • Matt Chandler on what is noble and good

    Matt Chandler on what is noble and good

    “I think so many of the problems, including a lack of power in evangelicalism, is directly tied to the state of Biblical illiteracy and the belief that the Bible was given to guys like me to explain to you.” “We live in an environment that’s charged and you can refuse to participate in the outrage…

  • Olivia Munn-Shirsath on Greatness

    Olivia Munn-Shirsath on Greatness

    “Our Master came to serve and He entreats us to do the same. The more authority you hold on this earth; the greater the impetus to serve. You want to be great? You want to be influential? Your want to be a leader in your home? Become a slave to all.” @oliviamunnshirsath from @churchofthecitynewyork talking about Mark 10:42-45…

  • Tim Parsons – Closer to Jesus

    Tim Parsons – Closer to Jesus

    “What if we all felt ownership of the mission to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming disciples of Jesus?” Pastor Tim Parsons of @centerpointchurch Unfortunately I’m bringing this sketch to you posthumously as Pastor Tim passed away early last week. I didn’t know him but on hearing the news I went to Center…

  • Patrick Miller on Who the music points to 👆

    Patrick Miller on Who the music points to 👆

    “He’s the one the music points to. Music always points beyond itself to the creator, to the orderer!” @patrickkeithmiller at @thecrossingcomo This one came up *unexpectedly* on my feed and it was an interesting look into the idea that there’s something beautiful and mathematical in music that points directly to God the creator. I’m not a big…

  • Reach Out

    Reach Out

    “What does love have to do with it? EVERYTHING.” – Pastor @jadavisii I had to pleasure to create this sketch for Pastor Davis over at the @verve.pomona for his one year anniversary! I don’t know a lot about being a pastor but by observing a lot of them out in the wild; it seems like a difficult career…

  • Ready to be Used?

    Ready to be Used?

    I know @thomasroadwas handing out notebooks but I’m still taking notes on the iPad. Great sermon and I love this quote from Pastor @jonathanfalwell; “what could you accomplish if you were simply ready to be used?”

  • Just Obey

    Just Obey

    Religion says “Obey and you’ll be accepted” but Jesus says “You are already accepted, just obey.” @charlesbillingsley at @thomasroad I knew when Pastor Charles started in with the Hachi story was the moment I was going to start crying in church. 😢 Man – was is it with dog stories? I’m in easier cryer already but when you…

  • The Problems of Today

    The Problems of Today

    We are quick to forget what Jesus did for us yesterday when facing our problems of today! @jonathanfalwell at @thomasroad Pastor Jonathan spoke of the second (and lesser known) feeding of the 4000 from Mark today! There’s a lot of nuance in this sermon which I always find difficult to capture in these things but it was interesting…

  • God Loves You

    God Loves You

    I’ve said it before, but when @charlesbillingsley gives a sermon there’s just not enough paper and ink to get it all down. He packs so much into them! 😅 Another great sermon at @thomasroad today! 🙌🏼