Tim Parsons – Closer to Jesus

“What if we all felt ownership of the mission to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming disciples of Jesus?”

Pastor Tim Parsons of @centerpointchurch

Unfortunately I’m bringing this sketch to you posthumously as Pastor Tim passed away early last week. I didn’t know him but on hearing the news I went to Center Point online, found the last sermon that was published for Pastor Tim and was blessed to hear him preach an earnest message from the book of Mark. 

I know they’re having his funeral this afternoon; I’m sure his family and church could certainly use our prayers today.

Patrick Miller on Who the music points to 👆

“He’s the one the music points to. Music always points beyond itself to the creator, to the orderer!”

@patrickkeithmiller at @thecrossingcomo

This one came up *unexpectedly* on my feed and it was an interesting look into the idea that there’s something beautiful and mathematical in music that points directly to God the creator.

I’m not a big music person. Well, maybe I should rephrase that, I’m not a *cultured* music person. I got called out in a meeting before for listening to Hootie and the Blowfish. Someone literally said, “We’re in the 2000’s, nobody listens to Hootie anymore” to which I replied “Old man and me is a masterpiece and you can pry it from my cold dead walkman!” I know the references don’t match up but whatever!

ANYWAY…this sermon was super interesting; Pastor Patrick spoke a lot about Bach, many complicated musical terms were referenced, and I was captivated to see how it ended. I mean, as you can imagine, it ended by glorifying God and pointing our feats of musical mastery directly to Him but there’s a subplot that was interesting to learn of as well. Here’s the link to it on YouTube:

Reach Out

“What does love have to do with it? EVERYTHING.” – Pastor @jadavisii

I had to pleasure to create this sketch for Pastor Davis over at the @verve.pomona for his one year anniversary! I don’t know a lot about being a pastor but by observing a lot of them out in the wild; it seems like a difficult career with little pay, a lot of scrutiny, and a difficult work-life balance. I feel like we should take more time to say “thanks” and let them know we appreciate them. I now know TWO people over the Verve Pomona community and they both seem like super awesome people!

And this was a GREAT sermon. The message was on point AND he quoted Tina Turner and had a basketball illustration. 🙌

Ready to be Used?

I know @thomasroadwas handing out notebooks but I’m still taking notes on the iPad. Great sermon and I love this quote from Pastor @jonathanfalwell; “what could you accomplish if you were simply ready to be used?”

Just Obey

Religion says “Obey and you’ll be accepted” but Jesus says “You are already accepted, just obey.” @charlesbillingsley at @thomasroad

I knew when Pastor Charles started in with the Hachi story was the moment I was going to start crying in church. 😢 Man – was is it with dog stories? I’m in easier cryer already but when you start talking about sad dog stories I’m toast! Great revelation to a series of parables I’m sure we’re all familiar with. Thanks Pastor Charles!

The Problems of Today

We are quick to forget what Jesus did for us yesterday when facing our problems of today! @jonathanfalwell at @thomasroad

Pastor Jonathan spoke of the second (and lesser known) feeding of the 4000 from Mark today! There’s a lot of nuance in this sermon which I always find difficult to capture in these things but it was interesting to hear the contrast between Jesus feeding the 5000 vs. Jesus feeding the 4000!

I changed it up and brought an iPad to church and try to take digital notes live! I’m using the tiny iPad mini and was pretty happy with the process! There’s some ergonomics for me to fix for sure (I press down on my writing instruments waaaaay too hard) but I’m really enjoying the middle ground between the big iPad Pro chungus and the little iPad mini. 🙌

God Loves You

I’ve said it before, but when @charlesbillingsley gives a sermon there’s just not enough paper and ink to get it all down. He packs so much into them! 😅 Another great sermon at @thomasroad today! 🙌🏼

Which Side is Jesus On?

“Which side is Jesus on? He doesn’t choose a ‘side.’ He invites us to choose his side! Jesus transcends all politics!” @ericgeigerinsta

I was humbled to create this sketchnote by request of a service at @marinerschurch in Irvine, CA! 🙌 The heart the Pastor Eric displays here is so right on. I feel like the political climate has cooled down a little bit but when it ramps back up again this will be my opinion on it. Jesus doesn’t choose sides. He is above ALL of this!

The Biggest Priorities

“If you don’t fill up your life with the biggest priorities first; you’re never going to be able to fill your life with what matters the most.” @tomkangsta

When I came across the image @newstory.la posted of Tom Kang gleefully filling jars I knew I was going to be watching that sermon. 😅

I’ve been so blessed to hear multiple sermons in just the last week on the minor prophets. A section of the Bible that never held much interest for me has suddenly come alive! I had my series on the 7 prophetesses last year and this year I may have to do a series on the minor prophets. SO INTERESTING! This whole illustration on priorities was great although I’m sure they’ll forever be finding rice and beans in that building. 🤣 I know I struggle with doing dumb stuff before the important stuff and this is a great reminder on how to place importance on the important things first.

I continue to be blessed by Tom Kang and New Story Church out in LA. They are so awesome! 🙌

On another note – my new iPad came in! I was able to purchase it from the commissions that have come in on this page and I can’t be thankful enough. I really appreciate you all out there. Thanks for being so awesome.

Major in the Minors

My notes from @thomasroad today. I would have made a digital version but my procreate library has taken up all available space and I’m waiting for new iPad to come in. Add to that my favorite pen ran out of black ink and I barely finished this today. Fortunately none of that has to do with hearing a timely message!!