Charles Spurgeon and the Church

“The church is not perfect, but woe to the man who finds pleasure in pointing out her imperfections. Christ loved his church, and let us do the same.”

Charles Spurgeon

You might think I’m talking about the Mars Hill podcast (and I am!) but hear me out first…

I’m not calling out the podcast directly. If you’re learning from it, if it’s therapeutic, if you you’re getting some kind of benefit from it I totally get that and this post is not about you AT ALL. Carry on!

I’m talking about my own heart here. I’ve listened to a few of these types of podcasts (In God we lust, Gangster Capitalism, and this one, The Rise of Mars Hill) and I found I wasn’t listening to learn but to be entertained. I was enjoying watching the car crash. Each new episode didn’t represent enlightenment and I wasn’t coming to it to see what God had to show me; I was showing up for the spectacle and was being the exact person that Spurgeon was talking about here. 

I believe abuse should be called out in the church. All of it. No institution is too large and too vital that we should feel we have hide the destruction of a persons body or soul to protect it. But tragedy is something to fix and to learn from, I don’t feel like it’s something I should seek to be entertained by. 

P.S. I have no idea how to properly hold a cigar. In my brief “how to hold a cigar” google search I thought this looked the coolest so I went with it. 🚬

By Paul Mignard

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