Olivia Munn-Shirsath on Greatness

“Our Master came to serve and He entreats us to do the same. The more authority you hold on this earth; the greater the impetus to serve.

You want to be great? You want to be influential? Your want to be a leader in your home? Become a slave to all.”

@oliviamunnshirsath from @churchofthecitynewyork talking about Mark 10:42-45

I don’t know how anything comes across when I post it but my intention is always in the spirit of “Hey look at this thing I found; here’s what I think of it” and definitely NOT “I got this all figured out, this is for you to change and here’s chapter and verse to force you to do it.” 

I caught a clip of this message over on @mightypursuit and I ended up listening to the whole thing. There was a lot to this message and I had different quotes picked out at different times but I loved the summarizing statement here. The wording is pretty harsh; I bristle at typing “master” and “slave” but I think the redemption for me in these words is the posture of service. Sacrificial service at that. Not to get anything in return per se; but to serve the one who gave us all.

By Paul Mignard

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