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  • Justin Khoe on Sabbath

    Justin Khoe on Sabbath

    “You will sabbath by choice or by force. What do I mean? If you don’t choose to enter into the rhythms ordained by God in creation, if you continually violate this law of nature, eventually sickness, disease or burnout will force your body to take the rest God designed it to enjoy.” Justin Khoe on…

  • Tim Keller on Better Discourse

    Tim Keller on Better Discourse

    “Never describe the view of an opponent in a way he or she will not own. Rather describe their view so they say, ‘I couldn’t have put it better myself.’ Only then should proceed to refute the view. If instead you caricature your opponent — you persuade no one.” Tim Keller on Twitter If I…

  • Ruslan on Schooling

    Ruslan on Schooling

    “As Christians, we cannot have a victim mentality. We cannot go out and look for things to be persecuted by. That is not helpful nor is it healthy.” @ruslankd from a reaction video in response to an interview by Allie Stuckey with Kirk Cameron on the topic of homeschooling. Phew – ok that byline was a…

  • Ed Stetzer on Cable News

    Ed Stetzer on Cable News

    “If cable news is keeping you from unity with your brothers and sisters in Christ, turn it off, unplug it, unsubscribe from it, and prioritize your church over cable.” @edstetzer on twitter I think the thing to keep in mind here is the phrase “cable news” and not politics. I don’t shy away from talking to…

  • In Memoriam

    In Memoriam

    I just wanted to take a moment to remember the 13 service members killed at the airport in Kabul. I know the official count of all military personnel killed in Afghanistan is 2420 and if possible, I would draw them all. 

  • Process Video

    Process Video

    How I draw a sketch! I spend a little time talking about my process for making the sketches you see here. I should have said so in the video but I use the 12.9 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Procreate almost exclusively!  If you’re into art process; check it out and let me know…

  • Count God Worthy

    Count God Worthy

    “How many of us count God worthy enough to be used by Him?” @syyounger 😳 Phew – that’s quite a statement. I know whenever I get that notification that @rampchurchintl is live that I can click over and receive something that’s going to change the way I’m feeling about something that day. Today was no exception. I had…

  • How To Love

    How To Love

    Pastor Jonathan was speaking about the Song of Solomon this past Sunday! I highly recommend heading over to to check it out! 🙌 @thomasroad 

  • Disillusionment


    “We’ve ignored systemic poverty – we’re so addicted to individual freedom that we often turn a blind eye to the suffering and those without healthcare or financial security and have written it off as a lack of personal responsibility.” -Pastor @brandonacox This is from a thread Pastor Brandon posted on Twitter title “15 reasons I believe…

  • How To Tip

    How To Tip

    “I don’t understand how Christians can say ‘Jesus gave us a gift we don’t deserve and could never earn’ and then tip a dollar because ’The service wasn’t all that great.’” I have a lot to say about this. I could write a literal book called “Christian, tip generously.” I’ve worked jobs multiple times that…