Ed Stetzer on Cable News

“If cable news is keeping you from unity with your brothers and sisters in Christ, turn it off, unplug it, unsubscribe from it, and prioritize your church over cable.”

@edstetzer on twitter

I think the thing to keep in mind here is the phrase “cable news” and not politics. I don’t shy away from talking to people about their politics because I’m interested in knowing why they think what they think. I don’t think cable news is politics as much as it is anger incitement. I mean, if you watch cable news and you enjoy the process and you find it leaves you a well-rounded person then by all means; carry on. But if you find yourself arguing with your brothers and sisters because they don’t agree with what Maddow or Tucker said last night; if you see others as “not as informed as you” because they didn’t watch “the news”, if you find yourself criticizing the pastor to your friends because they’re “too scared to say anything” or if you find yourself condescendingly questioning someones political theories (or worse, their salvation) because they don’t follow or listen to the same stream of cable news you do then maybe what Dr. Stetzer says here is advice you should look at.

Note: I didn’t realize this but you won’t find this tweet in his feed because his tweets self destruct in a week. 😳 I had a screenshot saved because that’s how I save idea’s but in this case it worked out great!

Dan White Jr. and those Ragamuffin Christians

Consumerism turned the Church into a service provider:

“I want good preaching.”
“I want amazing worship.”
“I want great kid’s programs.”

Would we go to Church if it was just a bunch of ragamuffin Jesus-followers gathering around a table, trying to love God and love neighbors?

Pastor Dan White Jr. on twitter

I just want to say, in posting this I don’t have anything to say about the church itself – this was convicting to me because if I’m being 100% honest I don’t know if I’d be open to this idea of church that Pastor Dan talks about here. I like the production and the kids program and the comfy chairs. If someone invited my family to their actual house on Sunday morning instead of a building I’d have a hard time accepting it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m cynical or if I enjoy the trappings of the larger western church but there’s definitely some things to consider here because it’s possible to miss out on something amazing because of the “I want’s” and totally disregard the “I need’s.”

I do know that I want to be a person that’s thankful for these things. I’ve been guilty of saying things like “the message was good but the worship wasn’t great” or “the worship was great but the message was kinda eh.” I’ve heard stuff like said a lot as well. I don’t want to be that kind of person. I just want to be thankful for the amazing experiences I do get to have. I want to be open to the ragamuffin invitation that might be waiting around the corner. 🙌

Viral Jesus and the Christian Platform

“I like to encourage people to lean into the opportunities that do come your way. Your gifts will make your way for you. The angst comes from what you are called to do versus what the world is asking you to do.”

@karenswallowprior and @heatherthompsonday on the Viral Jesus Podcast

I feel like I find new podcasts *daily.* There are so many good ones out there! I really appreciated this episode with Karen Swallow Prior and Heather Thompson Day about building a platform on social media. Be forewarned, there are no tips, no hashtag advice or discussion of whether reels or IGTV is more effective; this is a talk about the motivations behind wanting to be on social media and how we can best reflect and honor Jesus without losing our souls. In short; do good work and don’t worry about the follower count.

This part of their discussion really struck me because I’ve tried to “do something” with my art in the past and it always fell short. I could never stick with it, I could never find the motivation to do anything long-term, and I never felt any passion behind the messaging. It wasn’t until I used what Jesus gave me in the form of my art skills *in reflecting what I’m learning about him* that I really found excitement in what my art could become. Social media plays a huge part in it and I’m really interested in what Karen describes as “stewarding it well” instead of the immense growth that can sometimes cloud the goal.

Great episode and now I have yet another podcast in this unmanageable pile of podcasts that I’m subscribed to. 😬😅

Pete Scazzero on Assumptions

“Every time I make an assumption about someone without confirming it, I am at risk for believing a lie about this person.”


This is from a screenshot I’ve had in the *folder of ideas* for a long time. It’s interesting because this quote can kinda go in both directions; I read it meaning not to make negative assumptions about a person but really it can apply to positive assumptions as well. It makes me think about celebrity culture and how people can seem to have it all together but really we are just believing an assumption that’s been made about them. In that same way, it’s easy for me to assign negative assumptions to a person that acts a certain way when really they could be doing to most natural thing that a person in their circumstance would be expected to do but since I don’t know about them…I made an assumption…

Jon Acuff on Regrets

“Regret that you didn’t start your thing earlier is a great distraction from starting it now. Those years are gone. Leave them where they fell and grab today with all your might. Mourning what could have been always steals the joy from what is.”

@jonacuff on Twitter

Hey – it’s been a month or so since I’ve made a Jon Acuff quote so here we go! 

I’ve had this tweet in my screenshot folder for a while and it definitely has an Ecclesiastes 11:4 vibe to it:

“Whoever watches the wind will not plant.”

I like how explicit Jon is in the quote here – he could have said “that time is gone” or “those days are gone” but he said “those *years* are gone.” I know I’ve spent time beating myself up for the actions my younger self took. Years not days have been spent mourning and what a waste it truly is. I appreciate the call that I can work on “my thing” today and leave all those other years in the past. 

We can watch the wind forever but if we don’t plant we never reap.

The Sketch Effect!

“With sketchnoting, I realized that I remembered more from my meetings and when I shared the sketches, people were more engaged with my ideas.”

William C. Warren (with Alejo Porras) from @thesketcheffect

I sometimes get asked how I got into creating sketchnotes and what I usually say involves a long and rambling diatribe about me drawing octopuses on tithing envelopes and eventually ends with me saying “Does that make any sense I feel like I’m just rambling?”

What I *should* say is exactly what William expresses here in the The FUNdamentals of Sketchnoting course – it’s a better way to remember and then express my ideas.

I’ve met some really awesome people from creating this account and a few of them are from the sketch effect so when they came out with a sketchnoting course it was a no-brainer purchase for me. I’ve spent *hundreds* of sketchy sermons dollars on courses and ebooks and mentorships and frankly didn’t see much return from it. What I found in this course are short, tactical techniques that I can start applying to my sketchnotes immediately in an effort to expand my skills and make more of an impact. 

I’m not being paid to say any of this; I just think they’re cool people doing cool work that I’m excited about and I appreciate how awesome they are. Thanks Sketch Effect! 


“If we take the same bad habits to a new place; we are just going to do to the new place what we did to the old place.”


I was really fortunate to get a ticket to @mediaarts_au recent conference; CONNECT21 and this sketch is from a conversation Dave Adamson had with Propaganda. Interestingly it started out as a quote about some problems we might face when trying to colonize Mars but I feel like he thoughtfully extrapolated it out into other areas of our lives. It makes me think about relationships particularly and how our bad habits can bring the same problems we’re used to when we are dealing with new people. 

I’m really interested in getting his book “Terraform” and digging into it a little more. He mentioned some correlations with Daniel and I’m definitely wanting to check that out. I love how the Kingdom contains so many varying artists doing all kinds of varying work! More to come from this conference; there’s so much to dig into!

Speaking of artists – check out @bencrothers illustration time lapses on the Media Arts account – SO AWESOME! 🙌

Charles Spurgeon and the Church

“The church is not perfect, but woe to the man who finds pleasure in pointing out her imperfections. Christ loved his church, and let us do the same.”

Charles Spurgeon

You might think I’m talking about the Mars Hill podcast (and I am!) but hear me out first…

I’m not calling out the podcast directly. If you’re learning from it, if it’s therapeutic, if you you’re getting some kind of benefit from it I totally get that and this post is not about you AT ALL. Carry on!

I’m talking about my own heart here. I’ve listened to a few of these types of podcasts (In God we lust, Gangster Capitalism, and this one, The Rise of Mars Hill) and I found I wasn’t listening to learn but to be entertained. I was enjoying watching the car crash. Each new episode didn’t represent enlightenment and I wasn’t coming to it to see what God had to show me; I was showing up for the spectacle and was being the exact person that Spurgeon was talking about here. 

I believe abuse should be called out in the church. All of it. No institution is too large and too vital that we should feel we have hide the destruction of a persons body or soul to protect it. But tragedy is something to fix and to learn from, I don’t feel like it’s something I should seek to be entertained by. 

P.S. I have no idea how to properly hold a cigar. In my brief “how to hold a cigar” google search I thought this looked the coolest so I went with it. 🚬

In Memoriam

I just wanted to take a moment to remember the 13 service members killed at the airport in Kabul. I know the official count of all military personnel killed in Afghanistan is 2420 and if possible, I would draw them all. 

Tim Parsons – Closer to Jesus

“What if we all felt ownership of the mission to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming disciples of Jesus?”

Pastor Tim Parsons of @centerpointchurch

Unfortunately I’m bringing this sketch to you posthumously as Pastor Tim passed away early last week. I didn’t know him but on hearing the news I went to Center Point online, found the last sermon that was published for Pastor Tim and was blessed to hear him preach an earnest message from the book of Mark. 

I know they’re having his funeral this afternoon; I’m sure his family and church could certainly use our prayers today.