Preachers N Sneakers – John Cooper

“If we could encourage Christians to believe the Word of God we would find a lot of people totally fulfilled by Christ.”

I’ve drawn “Tyler” and the PREACHERS podcast before and it does not disappoint. This podcast with John Cooper was particularly inspiring. There’s something infectious about listening to someone who is joyful about their faith sharing the things on their heart and listening to John here just left me exciting about being a Christian. They cover a lot of ground here but the time just flies by. I’m already a Skillet fan but now I’m off to check out the Cooper stuff podcast! Geez, there are so many awesome people out here serving our awesome God! 🙌

Also – nobody has seen Tyler yet right? I started drawing him in this “Batman: Court of Owls” style and after I published everything I was thinking “what if he revealed himself and I missed it?” 😅 I’m not changing it now! Ha ha ha

Do More Better – Tim Challies

The “true foundation” Tim Challies talking about here is the ability to fulfill God’s plan in our everyday lives. 🙌

I’m into productivity books and when productivity and Christianity collide – I am there! This book is a quick read but holds no punches, helps align the proper purpose to get stuff done, and gives real tactical plans on how to be more productive. It takes a real “purpose-based” approach to productivity and how what you do aligns with God’s purpose and not your own. As a Christian this is really refreshing! 

I know Challies is known more for his theological work but this book deserves a read if you find yourself needing some guidance in the productivity space. I usually give away my books after reading them but this one I’ll be keeping!

Hope Revealed

Sunday morning at @thomasroad . @charlesbillingsleybroke out in some fire a cappella in the middle of his own sermon! One of my sons said “and that’s without auto tune!”

Angels True Form

“Honestly, if you see an angel that’s all eyes and wings and wheels of fire, you should be worried. Like, not because it’s going to hurt you or anything, but because scripturally, angels invariably appear to ordinary people in human form. In general, they only show their inhuman true forms to prophets – which means if you’re seeing them like that, they come bearing responsibility.”

-David J Prokopetz

I’ve drawn angels here and there but this morning I ventured over to Ezekiel 1 to check out the description of an angel and it is…interesting. Actually it’s terrifying. That’s probably why an angels first words to a human would be something like “be not afraid!” I imagine the human language and the spoken word in general is totally unable to describe what the mind just saw. Like trying to explain the color blue to a person born blind or describing the infinite universe to a dog; the words cannot convey the description of an other-worldly being.

I love this quote from David though – he’s a game-maker and not a biblical scholar but I’ve had it on my “to draw” list for a while because it so accurately describes the purpose of angelic presentation; it comes bearing responsibility.

And Always Be Thankful

Sunday morning at @thomasroad. I appreciated this message heading into Thanksgiving. I tried to capture the “table” illustration but you probably need to see the service to get the full effect! 😅

FutureFWD – Rich Birch

FutureFWD – Carey Nieuwof

FutureFWD – Kenny Jahng

FutureFWD – Dave Ferguson

FutureFWD – Tom Kang