Words Matter

Subtitle: Two Questions. This is one the rare times I took the picture of my notebook out in the wild instead of on the dining table; trying to up my mockup game!


The Impact of a Godly Man

We were joined by special guest Dr. Rick Rigsby in another sermon “for the guys.” This one was pretty good, I couldn’t really sketch any notes per se because I was busy writing everything down! There was another page that I didn’t take a picture of. I hope I get to see him again, great sermon! 😅


Love in Action, Part II

The series that’s “just for guys” continues! 😅 Sometimes the best sermons contain that hardest things to hear!


Love in Action

Does anybody else get nervous when a pastor starts a sermon with, “This sermon is for the men of this church?” Nobody? Just me? Cool, cool. 😅


And The Greatest of These is Love

“If we are not known by our love then we are not following His plan.”

Pastor Jonathan Falwell has been pointing a lot of fingers at Christians lately and it has been pretty awesome. 😬

Say Yes…Time to Follow, Part II

Say Yes…Time to Follow

Say Yes: First and Foremost…Love!

Final Word (For the Year)

Christmas 2018