Worship Warriors

“Worship Him and take your valley of battle and turn it into a valley of blessing.” Matt Willmington

Great sermon today at @thomasroad by Matt Willmington. As a warrior for Christ I often feel like I need to be reminded that these are the tools for our warfare! 

Also, powerful worship from guest @meremusic ! 🙌🏼

Love God Love People

Here’s my sermon notes for @thomasroad today! God bless you all out there!

The Right Way to Make Things Right

Here’s my sermon notes for Sunday morning at @thomasroad ! God bless you all out there!

The Revolving Door of Righteousness

These are my notes from this last Sunday’s service of my home church at Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Pastor Jonathan preaching from Judges and laying out how time and time again we mess up but true repentance is turning away from that thing that causes us to stumble.

I’ve always loved how Erwin McManus describes this – I can still recite (well…paraphrase) this whole part of a speech I heard from him from over 15 years ago:

“Were the boundaries of the garden of Eden so small that Adam and Eve had to stand next to the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Likewise; why do we keep hanging around the things that seek to destroy us? Adam should have swept Eve off her feet and said, ‘We’re building a raft and we’re cruising; the earth is our playground.’”

God bless you friends!

P.S. Usually I tend to highlight the Pastor and notes from the sermon but I realize how much of a role other people play in creating an entire service; I’ll try to highlight them a little more when I can! 🙌

A Year of Sermon Notes

When 2020 started I made a silent commitment to sketch note every Sunday Sermon from my home church of TRBC. By the grace of God I completed them all and then some! Man, what a year; who would have known what this year would have had in store!

I compiled everything TRBC-related in a PDF – download it for free at the link down below!

Forgetting the Past with a Heart for the Future

“The God that breathed these words thousands of years ago is the same God of today and tomorrow!” Pastor Jonathan Falwell

Sunday morning at @thomasroad

At the beginning of 2020 I set one goal – to sketch note every sermon of my home church of Thomas Road. This last sketch finishes that goal! Phew! It’s hard to stay consistent but I’ve learned a lot this year and the practice of doing this was definitely worth it. I continue to be amazed with all of the awesome people doing the Lords work in person and especially on social media. I haven’t exactly planned out what next year looks like for this page or for sketchy sermons in general but once I do I’ll let you know. Like always – suggestions are totally welcome!

God bless you all! 🙌

Thomas Road Christmas Eve Service

I’m a little late on this one but we still have our Christmas decorations up so it’s fair game! I wish I was able to draw everyone that’s involved with these services because I realize there is a small army required to put this on and we never see them. God bless you all out there, the work is remarkable and I join with others in appreciation of you! Thanks! 

I’ve enjoyed seeing all the family photos and worship services on social media this year. During these times His names rises above all others – I pray for all of us in this family to grow closer to Him this year. God bless you all – Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Service at @thomasroad

A Thrill of Hope: Hope for the Heart

“The Prince of Peace is the very source we have all been looking for. But when looking in the wrong place, we find pain not peace.” Pastor Jonathan Falwell

Sunday morning at @thomasroad

Hope has a Name

Sunday morning at @thomasroad. Hope has a name! 

Hope Changes Everything

Sunday morning at @thomasroad! Hope changes everything! Scott Bullman presented a great sermon on anchoring ourselves to the hope that only Jesus provides. 🙌🏼