Daniel 2: But God!

“Life is not fair!” So TRUE! 😅


Daniel 1: The Story of Daniel

I’m enjoying this series about Daniel; I’ve always wondered why we always refer to Daniel by his Hebrew name but his friends by their Babylonian names? 🤔


Won’t you be my Neighbor – Part IV

I created a sketchy sermons Facebook page – if you’re into that, you can find it here!


Won’t you be my Neighbor – Part III

Coach Thomas Mullins was the guest speaker at TRBC this weekend and there was so much good stuff it was hard to whittle down my notes to just the few things I documented here. There were great stories about the collaboration between Thomas Road and his church down in Florida in helping out in the Bahamas which was awesome to hear. If you’re a sucker for an uplifting message with a sports theme I’d highly recommend heading over to the website and checking this one out!


Won’t you be my Neighbor – Part II

Imagine if everyone on twitter listened to and followed the instructions in today’s message. Geez, do most Christians even follow this? I don’t have anybody that I hate but this message definitely gave me guidance on how I speak and think about public figures. 🤔 Thank you Pastor Jonathan!


Won’t you be my Neighbor

This was such a great message; I feel like so many churches are rushing to align themselves politically and Pastor Jonathan quoted Jesus pretty simply here…


Jesus in the House

Charles Billingsley gave the sermon at Thomas Road on Sunday; this guy is apparently talented at everything!!


Get in the Game

“You don’t change the world by being a nice guy!” 

As a stereotypical “nice guy” this gives me a lot to think about. 🧐 Great message over at TRBC on Sunday.


Good News for Hard Times – Part IV

I’m a week behind! 😬 Here are last weeks sermon notes from TRBC as we continue to roll through 1 Peter. I’ll catch up this week and have today’s sermon notes up soon. 1 Peter 3:16 is a doozy.

I included the time-lapse so you can see how many times I have to erase when making these things 


Good New for Hard Times – Part III

1 Peter is packed with some awesome stuff. Pastor Jonathan had a ton of notes at Thomas Road and I tried to summarize it the best I could but there was just so much!