There is a River

One thing I appreciate about a Charles Billingsley sermon is the amount of stuff that you’re going to learn by the time it’s over. He packs them FULL. 😅 The hardest part about drawing them is figuring out what to cut! Here are the TRBC notes for the weekend! 🔥🔥🔥

A Life Worth Living

I’m always challenged at the kind of sermons where Pastor Jonathan directs us to “not look like the world.” Here are my notes and I hope the service spoke to you like it did to me! 🙌

Faith With Feet: James 5

Pastor Jonathan closed out the series on James this week! It’s a challenging book; one that deserves more than a “once a year” review!

Faith With Feet: The Right Path

Faith With Feet: What We Say and What We Sow

Faith With Feet: Faith and Works

Faith with Feet

Father of Fathers

Run the Race: Running with Heart Part II

Run the Race: Run it with Heart!