Wanting the Sacred

“Many of us want the sacred…and we want to mix it with the SECULAR.” – Pastor Joel Tudman

Ok, I was introduced to @social_dallas last week and I thought “I’m going to drop in this weekend (virtual and all that) and see what’s going on.” My friends, there was a lot going on. I saw the 3 hour runtime and I was thinking “I am not ready for this.” Pastor @joeltudman was preaching along with Chander Moore and it is WILD. I was blessed by the message but to try and sketchnote the whole thing would take me the entire day. Sometimes I feel like what I do here is like trying to capture an amazing sunset with your iPhone. Like…it’s fine but it doesn’t really represent how it made you feel.

I really want to make it down to Dallas at some point. WOW.

By Paul Mignard

Illustrator and Sketchnoter. I prefer pizza over tacos. I like to draw things without fur much more than things with fur. When presented with two choices I pick the one that's less complicated.