Ok, give me a second here. I know this is a Christian account with sermon notes and bible quotes and all that – what in the world is the creature from Frankenstein doing here? I read “Frankenstein: A Guide to Reading & Reflecting” by Dr. @karenswallowprior and it changed the way I think about literature.

This book is a complete reprint of Frankenstein with added details about the version and the author but more importantly it contains reflections on the greater themes of the book and how we should view them as Christians and through a Christian world-view. It’s refreshing and challenging. Although the guide is about Frankenstein, in a larger sense, it’s almost a toolkit in how to read fiction? I found myself actually reading to comprehend because I knew at the end of the section I was going to get a question that I needed to be ready for. It’s amazing to me that authors that are 100% not Christian still explore the themes and messages that point directly to Jesus. Themes that I’ve never considered before were brought to mind and I’m so thankful for that!

So – the book was great! So great that I’d love to let someone else enjoy it! Comment below and I’ll pick someone to receive my copy and a print of this image and I’ll send it to you free of charge (U.S. only.)

Quick note about the art – when it comes to Frankenstein, the illustrated version by Bernie Wright is the gold standard. This is my feeble attempt at re-drawing his excellent take on the creature. 

By Paul Mignard

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