Wanting the Sacred

“Many of us want the sacred…and we want to mix it with the SECULAR.” – Pastor Joel Tudman

Ok, I was introduced to @social_dallas last week and I thought “I’m going to drop in this weekend (virtual and all that) and see what’s going on.” My friends, there was a lot going on. I saw the 3 hour runtime and I was thinking “I am not ready for this.” Pastor @joeltudman was preaching along with Chander Moore and it is WILD. I was blessed by the message but to try and sketchnote the whole thing would take me the entire day. Sometimes I feel like what I do here is like trying to capture an amazing sunset with your iPhone. Like…it’s fine but it doesn’t really represent how it made you feel.

I really want to make it down to Dallas at some point. WOW.

Social Dallas

This one came in as a drawing request for Robert and Taylor Madu and I said “Oh sure, who are they?” Man…I was so naive.

I’m been drinking from the @social_dallas firehose since yesterday. What an amazing church!! @robertmadu and @taylormadu seem so genuine and full of joy and the messages are so strong I’ve added ALL OF THEM to my YouTube watch later list.

I’m sure they’ll show up here again. If you were unknowing like I was yesterday today you can be knowing! 🙌