Loki and Pastor Rich

3 preaching points from Loki (Episode 2)

1. Apocalypses are points of revelation. 2020 is a reminder of this

2. Order ≠ Peace (Order—especially of an institutional kind—is often a tool of oppression & depersonalization).

3. Much of life is oriented around the tyranny of timelines.


I was going to wait until next week to post this but I had a lot of fun making it so it’s going up right now! I don’t know if anybody is even here on Saturday. 😅

I love seeing allegory in modern pop culture and I really appreciate Pastor Rich’ insight so when the two collide I definitely listen. And it helps that I’m a Marvel fan and there are a slew of movies coming out for the rest of the year. I’m going to take the opportunity to draw more super heroes on this account for sure!

It’s interesting to me that just like in the show – there’s an amazing amount of things that affect our life that we have absolutely no control over. It seems like in modern times (and especially here in the U.S.) we have a surprising amount of autonomy that past civilizations could never realize. Still – these preaching points are relevant because the show is centered around Loki trying to gain control of a situation he has no ability to control. Just like a pandemic, a market crash, or even being in Pompeii at the wrong time – it’s so much important to trust in a God that built us to exist long after this world has crumbled to dust.

I can’t draw all the Loki preaching points but I wanted to get at least one of them out there! Hope your weekend is going well friends! 

Winter Villodas

“Jesus doesn’t say to be known by your theology, the way you vote, or your judgementalism but by your love.” Pastor @richvillodas

I don’t get to see them all but I’m alway blessed by the services at New Life Fellowship. But when I can combine my desire to draw 90’s style comics with the message of Jesus Christ am I am here for it! 🙌

I’m constantly amazed when you look at entertainment how easy it is to spot themes of Jesus and the Bible – that’s probably even more pronounced in the super hero genre. I love how Pastor Rich is able to string through his message the word of Paul and Jesus and challenge us to a life that is more in line with what God has to offer us. What a blessing!

P.S. If you mention a super hero in your message and I hear it – I will draw it. 😳😅

Job’s Dark Night

“Job demonstrates that God is after our honesty and not our perceived notion of holiness.” – Pastor Rich Villodas

If I’m being totally transparent, I thought I was going to be watching a sermon that had some ties to WandaVision. I had already planned out how I was going to arrange the notes; what dynamic poses I was going to draw Wanda and Vision in and really I just needed to points to drop in. I was wrong and this sermon had so much more to teach me. You would think at this point I would have learned to not come into a sermon with expectations of what I am hoping to gain from it but rather just let the experience happen as God intended it. 

What a sermon though; Pastor Rich was describing my exact experience in cherry picking Psalms that would fit my mood or personality for a given moment. I am fortunate to be in a good place but there are way too many around me that are hurting right now and this sermon is such a great appeal to pray for them in a way that is empathic and useful. I can’t do it justice; I recommend checking it out.

Thanks to Pastor Rich and NLF for a moving and God-filled message!

Not Forsaking Our Baptism

“The average Christian spends an hour or 2 a week under the teaching of their local church but as many as 13 hours a day consuming other forms of media: listening to podcasts scrolling through twitter watching cable news.”

There was a lot to this sermon. I tried to capture what I could but there are some great lessons that just don’t come across in a small drawing on the internet. It’s so easy to pick a side and put everyone I don’t agree with on the other side. It’s not that easy, and as spoken here; it’s not all that Christ-like. Thanks to Pastor @richvillodas and @nlfnyc for this timely sermon!

Stand Against the Powers

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

I wanted to finish out this series with Pastor @richvillodas and everyone at @nlfnyc . I was blessed by this message because of the refocusing of the battle we are here to wage. Our allegiance isn’t to a political person or party; our allegiance is to Christ as He wages the battle against the evil one. The disconnection and the violence we see is from us fighting the wrong enemy. I wrote so many notes for this one and tried to distill it down but once again I’m done in by my own enemy: long sentences. 😅

Personally; I pray we are known by the love that Jesus commands us to be known by. This is a great message, if you have the time I highly recommend it!

God, Politics, and the Church

“If any christian fits neatly into a political party then they don’t fit neatly into the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God trancends all political parties.” 😳

I started following Pastor @richvillodason twitter and was really impacted by his insight and the love that comes through his words. I decided to catch a sermon and it was so challenging I had to sketch it out. There were so many points and quotes that I just couldn’t fit in here. The best part was his conversion of 1 Cor 1:13 -> “Is Christ divided? Was Trump crucified for you? Were you baptized in the name of Biden?” Whoa.

I tried to fit what I could here but I highly recommend heading over over to @nlfnyc in Queens, NY. Wow…what a message.