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Emily Mills and the Sketchnote Academy

“There is no place for perfectionism in life and that goes especially for your visual notes!” @emily_a_mills

I had the really cool opportunity to talk to my internet fried Emily Mills from the @sketchnoteacademy yesterday about…well…sketch notes! There’s a video coming soon and I tried my best to actually look at the camera and not say “right, right” every 12 seconds or so. 😅

I’ve received some questions about how to do what I do here and it started for me with 2 books; one of those being Emily’s “The Art of Visual Notetaking.” I still reference it quite a bit to try out some of the techniques that she outlines in there! 

She creates some awesome sermon sketch notes (and other notes as well!) I try hard not to compare and just marvel at how God uses each of us in totally different ways to accomplish amazing things. 

I love the idea of whole community of people creating and using the talents God has given them and they’ve developed to glorify His name.

Anyway, if you didn’t know Emily before; now you’ve been introduced to a cool person! 🙌

People Pleasing

People pleasing is not about love. Often it’s about “ME.” It’s about needing to be reciprocated and it is not genuine. @adamaweberon the @crappychristianco

This was a hard rabbit trail to go down. I’m a people pleaser and generally I say that as a humble brag as in “I just want everyone to be happy.” It’s really not that at all though. Digging further into people pleasing I discovered that it’s something that we do to manipulate a situation for a desired outcome. For instance, at a subconscious level I find stress in conflict so I people please as a way to manipulate a given situation so that conflict doesn’t exist. This can include being someone else, hiding information about yourself, or just straight up lying. UGH! 

There was a lot discussed in this episode that is very enlightening ESPECIALLY if you’re going through some kind of break in a relationship. The conversation that Adam and Blake have is transparent and really centered on Jesus. Check it out!

P.S. Initially I drew Adam with the chicken but I wasn’t sure if it muted the message so I removed it. But I kept a version because I like it so much. He mentioned the chicken so I thought it was fair game. 😅

Alisa Childers Podcast #96

“As Bible students, we have to be careful that we don’t read into the text what we want it to say – we have to let the text speak for itself.” @allengparr

The thing I really like about podcasts is the feeling that I get to hang out with a couple of interesting people as they talk about something that I really don’t have any authority to speak about. The @alisachilderspodcast is no different and I’ve been listening to them at various time throughout the last month. While this conversation in particular was wide ranging (like babies in heaven, the prosperity gospel, and slavery) this quote from Allen Parr really stuck out to me. I used to be the kind of person that would use the Bible in a tactical way to prove a point I was making rather than just digging into what the actual words were saying. In fact, I didn’t really read the words at all. It’s frustratingly easy to be a Christian and never really have to pick up the source from which all of this flows.

There’s a ton of great episodes, I can’t draw them all, but I’ve learned so much in digging through them. Thanks Alisa! 🙌

Choosing Space for Hobbies

“Choosing Fun, making space for hobbies in your spiritual life is actually going to be a deposit in who you want to be in the long run.” @anniefdowns

I’ve sketched a few episodes of the @preachersnsneakers podcast – he interviews some really interesting people and this one was no exception! I’ve got a pile of books to read already but I’m definitely going to add “That Sounds Fun” by Annie F. Downs to it. I identify with this quote so much because it’s exactly what I’m doing here. I’ve tried the “make art on the internet” thing quite a few times and it always failed because “getting paid” was my measure of success. When I changed it around to “I’m going to try and honor Jesus and enjoy it” is when I really started to feel not success but joy. I don’t feed my family with what I make from creating sketches but I definitely feed my soul.

That last sentence was a little gooey. You know what, I’m going to leave it there! 😅 Thanks for another awesome podcast – I appreciate what you do! 🙌

Crappy Christian Podcast Episode: 98

“If Jesus is agreeing with you on all the issues and beliefs you hold then it’s possible you aren’t following Jesus but a glorified version of yourself.

Jesus isn’t supposed to look like us, there is something about Him and what He invites us to that makes us uncomfortable. If you’re not uncomfortable you might be missing something.

We’ve got to lean into that tension.”

Sarah Bauer Anderson

I just keep finding awesome content out there about Jesus and this week I’ve been listening to episodes of the @crappychristianco podcast!. So much good stuff presented in a way that’s actually challenging and though provoking.

This interview with @sbanderson was awesome and really opened up the struggle that I have sometimes in that I want Jesus to agree with me on issues that he may not agree with me on. I appreciate that the tension spoken about here isn’t the tension of arguing with someone else but rather coming to terms that we may not always be right about things we’ve always thought we’ve been right about. I’ve found this to be especially true with politics; the more I dig into any specific issue the more I find nuance and gray. I’m finding it’s way more important to come down from the one-liners and noise to where the details and the people affected by politics actually live. It’s hard not to have empathy when you can place an actual person in line with the politics you hold.

Maybe that’s how we get out of this culture of calling people we don’t agree with “evil” or “deranged.” 🤷‍♂️

So much good stuff. Blake is an amazing host and I’m sure this podcast will show up on this feed again! 🙌

Call to Mastery: Mike Maihack

“Write characters, not Christians.” Mike Maihack

I really love the work done by @jordanraynor – I’ve illustrated him here a few times and his podcast is one I try not to miss. Having said that, I totally missed this episode so I’m totally glad when I stumbled upon it! 

One thing that’s I’ve been thinking about for the next year is creating stories and this episode of The Call to Mastery featuring @mikemaihack was a great point for starting this off. I really enjoy his art style and I need to get my hands on a couple of his books because it sounds like they’re great. Like all creatives – I commonly succumb to the idea that I’m not good enough or the even worse one; “I’m not ready yet.” This podcast literally changed my mind on this and for that I’m super thankful!

Thanks Jordan and Mike – I appreciate you both! 🙌

Note: It seemed to make sense to do this one in a more cartoony style than I usually do. Swipe for the process video. 👉👉

Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast with Kayla Stoecklein

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” -Brad Metzler

I did not want to listen to this episode. I started listening to this podcast after hearing @careynieuwhof speak at FutureFWD and it’s usually really encouraging but I knew this episode specifically that speaks about anxiety, depression, and suicide would be a rough one to hear and it was. It IS. @kaylasteck is the wife of a pastor that we lost to suicide and hearing about how this all went down was gut-wrenching. 

The thing that hit me hard was when Kayla was describing this sermon that Andrew was about to give in the above quote and the sense was that “it had to go on.” I watch a lot of sermons and I wonder how many times I’ve seen a sermon (or even sketched a sermon) where the pastor was going through some personal turmoil that no one even knew about. I’m sure there are fights that haven’t been resolved but how many times do we see a pastor preaching about the light but going through unspeakable darkness?

When I go to church, or even when I listen online I’m not there for a performance. If my pastor came out one Sunday morning and said “I planned to preach today but I have a real problem that needs to be solved. Please worship amongst yourselves, use this time for prayer and go home early” I would totally be ok with that. I hate to hear the pressure that pastors are under and the idea that they have to face it alone. I don’t know how we change the narrative but I know we don’t change anything by pretending it’s not a problem. 

Preachers N Sneakers – John Cooper

“If we could encourage Christians to believe the Word of God we would find a lot of people totally fulfilled by Christ.”

I’ve drawn “Tyler” and the PREACHERS podcast before and it does not disappoint. This podcast with John Cooper was particularly inspiring. There’s something infectious about listening to someone who is joyful about their faith sharing the things on their heart and listening to John here just left me exciting about being a Christian. They cover a lot of ground here but the time just flies by. I’m already a Skillet fan but now I’m off to check out the Cooper stuff podcast! Geez, there are so many awesome people out here serving our awesome God! 🙌

Also – nobody has seen Tyler yet right? I started drawing him in this “Batman: Court of Owls” style and after I published everything I was thinking “what if he revealed himself and I missed it?” 😅 I’m not changing it now! Ha ha ha

About twenty minutes into the Rogan/Kanye interview I heard this *paraphrased* quote from Kanye and I liked it so much I drew it out.

If you’ve spent enough time in an American Christian Church you’ll eventually hear someone paraphrase 1 Corinthians 3:2 to the tune of “I want meat not milk.” Along those lines I think I really like what Kanye is saying here – he doesn’t need a dressed-up sermon; he wants to hear the word. I can relate to that. I listen to a lot of sermons and I find there are times when the message is supported by the Word and there are times when the message IS the Word. I remember visiting a church years ago and was struck by all the sauce; the crazy coffee shop, the super-expensive high resolution screens, the smoke machines and the “set.” None of that was bad but I couldn’t tell you the message I heard at that time. All I remember is the sauce. There was another time I heard a pastor speak at a conference and his message was so clear that I can still recite the back half after 16+ years. He had no set and no slides. It was all solid food.

I’m not here to make any judgements on Kanye – in listening to him speak I hear someone who is excited and passionate about a lot of different things. Like anyone else I pray that he fulfills the purpose that God has placed him here for.