Crappy Christian Podcast Episode: 98

“If Jesus is agreeing with you on all the issues and beliefs you hold then it’s possible you aren’t following Jesus but a glorified version of yourself.

Jesus isn’t supposed to look like us, there is something about Him and what He invites us to that makes us uncomfortable. If you’re not uncomfortable you might be missing something.

We’ve got to lean into that tension.”

Sarah Bauer Anderson

I just keep finding awesome content out there about Jesus and this week I’ve been listening to episodes of the @crappychristianco podcast!. So much good stuff presented in a way that’s actually challenging and though provoking.

This interview with @sbanderson was awesome and really opened up the struggle that I have sometimes in that I want Jesus to agree with me on issues that he may not agree with me on. I appreciate that the tension spoken about here isn’t the tension of arguing with someone else but rather coming to terms that we may not always be right about things we’ve always thought we’ve been right about. I’ve found this to be especially true with politics; the more I dig into any specific issue the more I find nuance and gray. I’m finding it’s way more important to come down from the one-liners and noise to where the details and the people affected by politics actually live. It’s hard not to have empathy when you can place an actual person in line with the politics you hold.

Maybe that’s how we get out of this culture of calling people we don’t agree with “evil” or “deranged.” 🤷‍♂️

So much good stuff. Blake is an amazing host and I’m sure this podcast will show up on this feed again! 🙌

By Paul Mignard

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