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  • Jon Acuff on Regrets

    Jon Acuff on Regrets

    “Regret that you didn’t start your thing earlier is a great distraction from starting it now. Those years are gone. Leave them where they fell and grab today with all your might. Mourning what could have been always steals the joy from what is.” @jonacuff on Twitter Hey – it’s been a month or so since…

  • Do Over by Jon Acuff

    Do Over by Jon Acuff

    I know, there’s a lot going on today. I keep things pretty apolitical here because I really feel like that ground is covered well by many other people who are way more passionate about these things than I am. If you’re in the U.S. – go vote. What I do want to convey today is…

  • Finish by Jon Acuff

    Finish by Jon Acuff

    Here’s a visual summary of the book Finish by @jonacuff ! If you struggle with perfectionism, pick up this book. It’ll read your mind, it’ll give you real tactics to deal with your perfectionistic tendencies, and it’ll make you laugh because there are some ridiculous analogies in there. Seriously; so good!