Just Obey

Religion says “Obey and you’ll be accepted” but Jesus says “You are already accepted, just obey.” @charlesbillingsley at @thomasroad

I knew when Pastor Charles started in with the Hachi story was the moment I was going to start crying in church. 😢 Man – was is it with dog stories? I’m in easier cryer already but when you start talking about sad dog stories I’m toast! Great revelation to a series of parables I’m sure we’re all familiar with. Thanks Pastor Charles!

God Loves You

I’ve said it before, but when @charlesbillingsley gives a sermon there’s just not enough paper and ink to get it all down. He packs so much into them! 😅 Another great sermon at @thomasroad today! 🙌🏼

Under the Sun

“When you know God, you are in the land of the dying; on your way to the land of the living!” @charlesbillingsley

This service at @thomasroad is such a blessing to me. Like all Pastor Charles’ messages, I can only capture a little bit of what’s presented but the comparison of the lyrics from songs from the world to the empty promises of money and fame is impactful. I wish I had time to capture every part of it (along with all of the worship students on stage!) but what I did write down is going to stick with me. Is there something you saw that I totally missed!? 😅

No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets

“What should terrify us is reaching the end of our lives having succeeded in a bunch of things that do not matter.”

@charlesbillingsley speaks to how to handle a God-given vision! It’s not an easy road for sure but so much more rewarding! Here are my notes from @thomasroad from this past Sunday! There is so much more to this sermon than I could capture here – I recommend getting the TRBC app and checking it out. 🙌

Thomas Road Christmas Eve Service

I’m a little late on this one but we still have our Christmas decorations up so it’s fair game! I wish I was able to draw everyone that’s involved with these services because I realize there is a small army required to put this on and we never see them. God bless you all out there, the work is remarkable and I join with others in appreciation of you! Thanks! 

I’ve enjoyed seeing all the family photos and worship services on social media this year. During these times His names rises above all others – I pray for all of us in this family to grow closer to Him this year. God bless you all – Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Service at @thomasroad

Hope has a Name

Sunday morning at @thomasroad. Hope has a name! 

Hope Revealed

Sunday morning at @thomasroad . @charlesbillingsleybroke out in some fire a cappella in the middle of his own sermon! One of my sons said “and that’s without auto tune!”

And Always Be Thankful

Sunday morning at @thomasroad. I appreciated this message heading into Thanksgiving. I tried to capture the “table” illustration but you probably need to see the service to get the full effect! 😅

The God of Relativism

“In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

I’ve got to hand it to @charlesbillingsley because I can imagine being asked to preach about moral relativism has got to be a challenging call in multiple realms. I thought he handled it with all the knowledge, grace, and humor that he brings to every sermon. The only problem I had with this sermon is the same problem I have with all of Charles’ sermons; there’s just simply not enough space on this iPad to capture all the quotes, history, and lessons he packs into each sermon. I’d have to start working at poster size! 😅 Thank you Charles and @thomasroad ! 🙌

There is a River

One thing I appreciate about a Charles Billingsley sermon is the amount of stuff that you’re going to learn by the time it’s over. He packs them FULL. 😅 The hardest part about drawing them is figuring out what to cut! Here are the TRBC notes for the weekend! 🔥🔥🔥