Mary Marantz on Authors

“There is a tendency for people to want to write books but not be authors. The difference between the two is whether you are originating new ideas or just taking a bunch of inspiring things out there and calling them your own.”

@marymarantz on the The Call to Mastery with @jordanraynor

I’ve illustrated a few quotes from The Call to Mastery podcast – it’s one the few that when I try a new podcast app (this happens more often than you’d expect) I subscribe to that one from memory. It’s always thought provoking.

Wow…this was a convicting episode for me. I mean…my whole thing here is taking other peoples ideas around faith and Christianity and combining them with my illustration style. If I’m being totally transparent – sometimes it’s easy to present an idea that’s a little jarring because it’s not my own. I’m using my voice (in this case art) to say someone else’s words. In some sense, I get the credit but they take the risk.

I didn’t start this to be an author but when Mary spoke on this topic about bringing something original it really presented a lot of questions for me. All that to say, I don’t plan on upending this account or anything like that but there have been times where I’ve had ideas of things I’ve wanted to do or say but have been more hesitant to do so. Maybe I’ll try to be more open to them in the future. 🤔

This episode was great – Mary’s story is very compelling and I found myself going to back to catch quotes over and again! I knew I was going to draw this one pretty early on but the quote kept changing; I probably should have sketchnoted the whole thing. 

I really want to pick up her book “Dirt” but I’m on a self-imposed book buying moratorium. Friends – I have a problem. 😳😅

Call to Mastery: Mike Maihack

“Write characters, not Christians.” Mike Maihack

I really love the work done by @jordanraynor – I’ve illustrated him here a few times and his podcast is one I try not to miss. Having said that, I totally missed this episode so I’m totally glad when I stumbled upon it! 

One thing that’s I’ve been thinking about for the next year is creating stories and this episode of The Call to Mastery featuring @mikemaihack was a great point for starting this off. I really enjoy his art style and I need to get my hands on a couple of his books because it sounds like they’re great. Like all creatives – I commonly succumb to the idea that I’m not good enough or the even worse one; “I’m not ready yet.” This podcast literally changed my mind on this and for that I’m super thankful!

Thanks Jordan and Mike – I appreciate you both! 🙌

Note: It seemed to make sense to do this one in a more cartoony style than I usually do. Swipe for the process video. 👉👉

Call To Mastery – Luke LeFevre

“And He will manifest His creation through us.” I’m currently reading “Called to Create” by @jordanraynor so I naturally gravitated to his podcast and it is such an encouraging and wonderful show! I just finished listening to the episode with @lukelefevre and I really enjoyed him talking about his life and experiences. This quote in particular stuck with me throughout the day. If you’re looking for a podcast crafted for Christian creatives I highly recommend checking this one out!