Aussie Dave!

“We stream the services to give you a window into our church but to also create a doorway which you can use to enter into community!”

Quote 2!

“People carry around a pulpit, a collection plate and a worship team in their pocket every day! All we need to do is get in there.”

@aussiedave in a conversation with @careynieuwhof and the @barnagroup . Check out the video on Dave’s YouTube channel! 

I couldn’t decide which quote to use so I made an image for both! I don’t work in the church but I find the whole conversation about the changing church to be really interesting. For me – the American church has really made itself available in this last year in ways I don’t think it would have under “normal” circumstances. It’s amazing how the internet and social media have been used to reach out to people that might have never have been accessible. I’ve had a few conversations with people that would have never been accessible to me if we didn’t share this platform together. 

I hope when this is all over and churches are back to 100% attendance that they don’t just pack away the recording gear. Like Dave says – Paul used the technology of the day – we should strive to do the same!

*art note* – I usually leave hair and beards open and just fill them in with a lot of detail. In this one I accidentally filled in Dave’s hair and was so much happier with the result. Happy accident Friday! 😅

By Paul Mignard

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