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Process Video

How I draw a sketch!

I spend a little time talking about my process for making the sketches you see here. I should have said so in the video but I use the 12.9 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Procreate almost exclusively! 

If you’re into art process; check it out and let me know how I can improve! What else do you want to know!?

I don’t know what happened but I made a video and I instantly started using language like “shout out” and “your boy.” It’s possible I watch too much YouTube. I read somewhere that if you’re not embarrassed by your first video then you waited too long to post it. I guess I’m good because there is so much I want to change in this video!

Hat tip to @rachelizabethmcginley for requesting this video – it’s of an image I created of her!

The Task

“If all you do is bring people to your church for a show you’re going to be ineffective. You have to take the missionary task unto yourself.” @mark_clark

I really enjoy the @careynieuwhof podcast not just for the people he has on but I feel like it’s a frank discussion about our responsibilities as Christians. While we all may not be in paid ministry (me included) we have just as much work to do in fulfilling what we’re commanded to do.

It’s a great watch on Youtube and if you stick around long enough you’ll see Mark do a song and dance routine. 😅

Is it the Gospel?

“You have to be in the Word and not let Sunday morning be the only time you hear the Bible read.” Micheal from the @honestyouthpastor

I have to admit, when I first saw that Michael creating “sermon review” videos I was super skeptical. What I thought I was going to get was a guy mocking pastors and using a bunch scholarly Christian verbiage. Really, it’s the exact opposite. Not only is he super fair and honest (in keeping with the name 😅) but he lays out a great framework that we all can use when viewing a sermon.

What I’ve come away with after watching a number of his videos is that it’s our responsibility to evaluate what a pastor is preaching against scripture. We are not to outsource our own salvation and understanding of Jesus by just sitting through a single church service each Sunday. I don’t want to call it skepticism because I think that implies a heart that is seeking to sharp shoot and nit pick and probably enjoys finding fault, but rather this looks like a heart of joy that seeks understanding and more substance than what can be offered in a 30 minute sermon. 

I love this idea of going beyond whether or service is “good” or “bad” based on how it makes us feel. Feelings are good but as we know we can feel “good” about things that are very bad and “bad” about things that are very good. The real question is: “Is this the gospel I’m being taught?” 

If you never ask…how would you know?

Keep Being Salty

“God has given you gifts to be poured out into this world. Without salt, people sink to the bottom of this sinful world. But with you, the salt of the world, people rise! Keep using your gifts, keep being salty!” @amenalex

Great illustration from Alex! When you place an egg in a glass of water the egg will sink. If you add enough salt to the water the egg will float! Adding salt to the water increases the density without increasing the volume. There’s still the same amount of water there – it’s just heavier.

I don’t want to abuse this analogy, but if the culture is the water, and we are the salt; we can increase the density of Jesus’ message without increasing the volume. 😳

We’ve got these gifts for a reason friends – let’s use them! 

False Teachers

“Be very careful when you take somebody who agrees with all of the major tenants of faith and label them a false teacher. You may be hindering someone from receiving a blessing in your effort to block them from receiving something false.

You can be free to listen to whoever you want. You can eat the meat and spit out the fat.” @allengparr

I post a lot of stuff here without a lot of context. Sometimes my brain fills in the gaps properly; most of the time unfortunately it doesn’t. What is fortunate is that almost all of the discourse that happens here has been really civil and beneficial.

I don’t have all the answers – and if I’m really transparent I don’t many answers at all. What I do enjoy is hearing what people have to say and digging into the reasons they say it regardless of who has labeled them.

This video from Allen Parr about false teachers really struck me because a.) I’ve drawn almost all of the people he talks about and b.) his final instruction I found to be humble and graceful. Personally, I’m not interested in calling anybody out – there’s plenty of pages out there doing that and I don’t think I really have anything to add to that conversation. I’m just out here trying to learn what I can from whoever is speaking. 

Like always, Allen’s video is really insightful! Check it out! 🙌🏼

The Rich Christian

“In Christ, I’m loved more than I dared hope. For the poor person, you should dwell on your high position with Jesus. For the rich Christian, you need to remember your low position as a sinner saved only by grace.” @timkellernyc

This is from an older YouTube video (well, almost a year but I guess that’s old now 🤷‍♂️) but it showed up on my recommended and since it’s from @careynieuwhof I watched it! There were a ton of topics covered here from inherited religion, conservative evangelicals vs. liberal evangelicals, fruits of the spirit, and more. This statement stuck with me though because it highlights the great equalizing effect that Jesus has on all of us. It flattens the hierarchy. Those who are low are risen up and those that are high are struck down and all are made equal under Jesus Christ.

Sadly, I had no idea who Tim Keller was before watching this video. Apparently there are so many great thinkers it’s hard to know them all! There were parts of this video I struggled with but I think that’s the point right? 

Transformation Requires Effort

“Transformation requires effort.” @ruslankd

Ruslan packed a ton of information in his video “The Truth About Self Control, Will Power and Discipline.” Although it’s framed in the context of overcoming addiction, the words work just as well in my opinion for a great multitude of problems we face. As Christians we honor Jesus for all He has done and is doing but that doesn’t mean we don’t have work to do down here. And the little things we do consistently every single day lay the groundwork for massive transformation over the long haul.

Some of the stuff here is simple but so life-changing. Did you know that a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep? The recommendation is at least 7 hours and I know I play with that line frequently. I know for certain if I get less than 6 hours of sleep; my diet choices the next day are going to be terrible. What other choices will be impacted though? Will I be short with my wife or kids? Will I play more video games instead of doing the work here that I feel could be honoring to God? Ruslan makes the point that getting enough sleep is one of those habits that could have ripple effects across a whole multitude of decisions you make.

That fruit that’s talked about in Galations 5:22 doesn’t come for free. The preceding verses have a lot of verbs from what I can tell. Granted, there’s a lot of talk about unity but I wonder how many more of us would not be provoked to anger and bitterness if we actually got enough sleep? 🤔

Sometimes it’s the simple things.

Hostility or Hospitality

“As a Christian, are you known more for your hostility or for your hospitality?” – Pastor @treyvancamp

I really appreciated Pastor Trey’s response to the satan shoes on YouTube. I’ve heard a lot of takes and read a lot of comments and they usually fall into the “why are surprised when lost people do lost things?” or “Let God punish him!” I like this one though – it’s one I struggle with because my default position is to not say anything but with this kind of framework it invites me into a prayerful time to figure out how to show hospitality in this situation. I still don’t know what to say but I definitely know what NOT to say and with Proverbs 17:28 being what it is maybe that’s best?

Aussie Dave!

“We stream the services to give you a window into our church but to also create a doorway which you can use to enter into community!”

Quote 2!

“People carry around a pulpit, a collection plate and a worship team in their pocket every day! All we need to do is get in there.”

@aussiedave in a conversation with @careynieuwhof and the @barnagroup . Check out the video on Dave’s YouTube channel! 

I couldn’t decide which quote to use so I made an image for both! I don’t work in the church but I find the whole conversation about the changing church to be really interesting. For me – the American church has really made itself available in this last year in ways I don’t think it would have under “normal” circumstances. It’s amazing how the internet and social media have been used to reach out to people that might have never have been accessible. I’ve had a few conversations with people that would have never been accessible to me if we didn’t share this platform together. 

I hope when this is all over and churches are back to 100% attendance that they don’t just pack away the recording gear. Like Dave says – Paul used the technology of the day – we should strive to do the same!

*art note* – I usually leave hair and beards open and just fill them in with a lot of detail. In this one I accidentally filled in Dave’s hair and was so much happier with the result. Happy accident Friday! 😅

The Bible Changed My Mind on Alcohol

“You have one person who never drinks wine at the command of God (John the Baptist) and someone else who does (Jesus) and there’s no sin in that what-so-ever. And this describes some of the church doesn’t it? Some of you have a conviction, you won’t touch the stuff and good for you but don’t put that piety on someone else and though that’s piety for them…”

“Don’t make it a rule for everybody if it’s a rule for you.”

Ok, before I say anything I know this is one of those “I hope you’re being the kind of person you’re posting about” types of posts. I have dished out some piety in my day. This Paul (very much like “THE” Paul) is guilty of doing all the wrong things. 

The point of Pastor Mike’s video on YouTube titled “the Bible Changed My Mind about Alcohol” isn’t about piety and judgement but that’s the message that struck me most from it. Fortunately I don’t struggle with alcohol – I almost entirely avoid it. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any because…well…it’s not a problem for me to not have any. I don’t see it adding anything to my walk, my family, or my personal life so I just don’t partake. If we wanted to talk about addictive substances I do struggle with this would be a post of coffee and sugar and 90’s music. I’ve had my days of noticeable piety because I used to be a vegan. A Christian vegan. 😳 If that’s not a recipe for exponential piety I don’t know what is. I’m sure there are things I’m pious about now that don’t need to be put on other people and that’s my prayer – to discover what those things are. I’m going to work on strengthening my reasons and letting people know if they ask but not necessarily asserting them where they’re not welcome. 

Anyway – just trying to become less. God bless you friends. 🙌