Motion Church

“If you want to be good enough then you need to be perfect. If you want to be perfect then you need to follow Jesus.” @pastorjasondoran

A week ago my family and I found ourselves in Lexington, KY and among the UPS trucks and Amazon fulfillment centers we found @themotionchurch ! Ok, I know there are some 400,000 Christian churches in the U.S. and it’s not really difficult to find one but still, they had a cool looking building so I wanted to check it out. 

I watched the sermon “Raise the Standard” from their March Madness series. I have a military background so I’m fully aware of what it means to strive and meet (and fall short) an unchanging standard. The message from this sermon was just that – the standard for sin is death and we can’t lower the standard to have it meet us down here. We need Jesus – there is no doing this on our own. I find that freeing. Like “you mean I can have help? I don’t need to do everything myself??” 

No I don’t. The hard part was already done. The same for all of us! 🙌 God bless you!

Right Place, Right Time, Right Purpose

“Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.” -Esther 4:16 😳

So powerful. When opportunity meets position and purpose, God’s people can do amazing things.

Sunday Notes from @thomasroad

A couple of things – I’ve drawn Esther before but she looks totally different than I drew her here. I’m not a character designer but I’m wondering if I should try to keep the drawings of the characters consistent across my page or switch it up? Kinda like how Wonder Woman can be drawn by many different artists but you can still tell it’s Wonder Woman. I’d love your feedback on this! 🙌

Also – I included my live notes that I took at the building. You can see how things can change drastically when I take a little time to reflect on my notes. In this case, I felt the need to highlight Esther way more than I originally did. 

God bless you all!

Getting Away With Stuff

“A lot of times we think we are getting away with some stuff. But it’s diminishing the hedge of protection around us.” @pastoreddiev

I was listening to the sermon “The Spirit Left” from Pastor Vargas and this line hit hard. We blame the devil for so much (and he has plenty to be blamed for) but sometimes it’s our own fault. We know where the line is and like Pastor says here “we flirt with it.” We stand so close that when we stumble we fall right over it and into the mud. Then we blame the devil for what he did as if we had no hand in it.

I love how Erwin McManus describes this – “Was the boundary of the Garden so tight that Adam and Eve had to stand right next to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?”

I’m not trying to preach; I’m not a preacher. I don’t know what you’re battling brothers and sisters but can I encourage to stay far away from the line? Be so far back that when you stumble you don’t fall into sin you knew was a problem the whole time. Keep the hedge of protection around you!

I’m planning a full sketch of this sermon and part II – they’re both really good!

No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets

“What should terrify us is reaching the end of our lives having succeeded in a bunch of things that do not matter.”

@charlesbillingsley speaks to how to handle a God-given vision! It’s not an easy road for sure but so much more rewarding! Here are my notes from @thomasroad from this past Sunday! There is so much more to this sermon than I could capture here – I recommend getting the TRBC app and checking it out. 🙌

The Revolving Door of Righteousness

These are my notes from this last Sunday’s service of my home church at Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Pastor Jonathan preaching from Judges and laying out how time and time again we mess up but true repentance is turning away from that thing that causes us to stumble.

I’ve always loved how Erwin McManus describes this – I can still recite (well…paraphrase) this whole part of a speech I heard from him from over 15 years ago:

“Were the boundaries of the garden of Eden so small that Adam and Eve had to stand next to the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Likewise; why do we keep hanging around the things that seek to destroy us? Adam should have swept Eve off her feet and said, ‘We’re building a raft and we’re cruising; the earth is our playground.’”

God bless you friends!

P.S. Usually I tend to highlight the Pastor and notes from the sermon but I realize how much of a role other people play in creating an entire service; I’ll try to highlight them a little more when I can! 🙌

Joshua: The Whole Story

I’ve followed Pastor Dean Inserra on twitters for a while and I really have appreciated his perspective on certain things! I wondered over to City Church Tallahassee and caught the Sunday Service on Joshua and it’s awesome! I imagine most churches that are reading through the Bible (like ours) are probably at Joshua right now so it was timely that my home church sermon and this one are on the same topic.

Sometimes when I do these things I try to reflect afterwards on whether or not I caught the Pastors’ full intention and this could be one where I missed it. As I’ve read through Joshua recently I was struck by the violence that you never really hear about and I really appreciate how Pastor Dean brought it into perspective when talking about Gods judgement and Gods grace. I’d highly recommend checking out the whole sermon; I’m sure you’ll be blessed as I have been!

Also – I’m terrible with geography and learned today that “Tallahassee” does not end with a “y.” 😅

Where the Healing Begins

This morning I headed over to New Beech Grove Baptist Church over in Newport News and watched guest speaker @revmikeadams deliver a great sermon about reaching around our boundaries and reaching for Jesus. Can’t argue with that! Some great quotes, I couldn’t get them all in here. Thanks for a great sermon Pastor Mike!

Come Back to God’s Word

“What are those area’s in your life where you may have conformed to the culture?”

I’ve wanted to sketch a sermon from @rhythmchrch for a while and somehow I clicked on a link that I thought was the latest service and it was the service from June! But you know what, when it comes to seeking to learn more about God there are no accidents and maybe He wanted to reveal something about Himself to me here. 

Pastor @jeffmoors gives an impassioned plea to examine our conformity to the culture and…well…be not conformed to it! It’s a winding sermon that starts in Revelation, takes a turn around the story of Balaam and winds up with one of my favorite verses in the Bible; Hebrews 4:12.

It’s an awesome sermon; Pastor Jeff talks about pagers which I totally wanted in high school but (thankfully) never got; but most importantly turns us toward Jesus – the one we should conform to. 

What if the Manger that held Jesus could talk?

This may be a distinctly Christmas message but you know what; it’s always the right time of year to talk about Jesus.

I watched the the Christmas Eve service from Palmcroft Church in Anthem, AZ and really enjoyed Pastor Randy’s sermon about what the manger that held Jesus would say if it could talk. For some reason reason, for all these years I thought the manger was the stable that they stayed in – I didn’t realize it was a watering trough. Not only that, I didn’t realize it was probably made out of stone. If you were ignorant like I am; be ignorant no more! 😅

God’s work continues on – thanks Pastor Randy and @palmcroftanthem

A Year of Sermon Notes

When 2020 started I made a silent commitment to sketch note every Sunday Sermon from my home church of TRBC. By the grace of God I completed them all and then some! Man, what a year; who would have known what this year would have had in store!

I compiled everything TRBC-related in a PDF – download it for free at the link down below!