Drawing at Church

It’s no secret that I draw at church but this last weekend my 9-year-old wanted to stay with us instead of heading back to his service so he could draw. I can’t express how happy this made me!

Although just like me he ended the service with black ink all over his hand. 😅

Words Matter

Subtitle: Two Questions. This is one the rare times I took the picture of my notebook out in the wild instead of on the dining table; trying to up my mockup game!


The Impact of a Godly Man

We were joined by special guest Dr. Rick Rigsby in another sermon “for the guys.” This one was pretty good, I couldn’t really sketch any notes per se because I was busy writing everything down! There was another page that I didn’t take a picture of. I hope I get to see him again, great sermon! 😅


Love in Action, Part II

The series that’s “just for guys” continues! 😅 Sometimes the best sermons contain that hardest things to hear!


Final Word (For the Year)

Christmas 2018

For Unto You…A Savior

For Unto You…A Messiah

For Unto You…A Son is Given

Being Thankful is Not Enough