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Giving, Gaining, and Greed


This was a special one – Julie and I were married at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas waaaay back in the day when the church was on Pecos. It was great to go back but it was a totally new experience. The coffee shop inside was unreal. The my picture of Pastor Wilhite looks nothing like him. 🤪

Masquerade: Take Off the Mask

Masks of Addiction

This sermon was pretty insightful – definitely one to review again at a later date; especially if you deal with any kind of anger…


Why Church?

Why Church

Not only does writing sermon notes help me remember what I just heard, it also helps me to catalog specific events that happen to fall on Sundays. In this case, it was my youngest son getting baptized which was a really special event!

Passing It On

Flannel Graph Faith

Reframing the Familiar