Adding Downloads to the Site! (Slowly)

Starting with this weeks batch of uploads I’ll be adding links to download sketches from the site! These will be higher quality than what you can get from Facebook or Instagram so I definitely recommend getting here!

To try things out, I’m going to start with a combined a download of all 5 sketches from Thomas Road for the month of December. I’ll add individual downloads as well but I’m thinking I’ll have one that I update throughout the year so that you guys don’t have to add 30 to 50 items to a cart just to download all of the images!

If you find anything squirrelly with the checkout and download process please let me know! This is my first time messing with anything like this. Thanks!

Drawing at Church

It’s no secret that I draw at church but this last weekend my 9-year-old wanted to stay with us instead of heading back to his service so he could draw. I can’t express how happy this made me!

Although just like me he ended the service with black ink all over his hand. 😅