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  • David – The Weak Became Strong

    David – The Weak Became Strong

    My sketch notes from the 9-11-2022 service at Thomas Road Baptist Church. You can download the pdf below! 👇🏻

  • A Year of Sermon Notes

    A Year of Sermon Notes

    When 2020 started I made a silent commitment to sketch note every Sunday Sermon from my home church of TRBC. By the grace of God I completed them all and then some! Man, what a year; who would have known what this year would have had in store! I compiled everything TRBC-related in a PDF…

  • Seasons of the Soul – Week 4

    Seasons of the Soul – Week 4

    “Jesus is not in the shame business; He is in the resurrection business.” This is the closing message of the Seasons of the Soul series over at @waymaker.church ! Such a good series; I really enjoyed seeing how they do things over there. Even though I don’t physically attend the churches that I sketchnote (I mean, other…

  • Unknown God

    Unknown God

    Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent… Acts 17:30 I could go on and on about idols and the things we turn into idols but I think Pastor Jonathan sums it up pretty succinctly here. The thing we create are not our gods and are not worthy…

  • Pray


    Sometimes it’s so easy for the most important things to become obscured. It’s not that anything else is bigger; it’s just there’s so much of it.

  • Season of the Soul – Week 3

    Season of the Soul – Week 3

    From birth I was cast on you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God. Psalm 22:10 Back to waymaker; this time for Winter. This one was heart-wrenching. The end game is beautiful in that we get to witness God’s restorative power but getting there is hard. Psalm 22 lived out and on display…

  • Better Together

    Better Together

    “None of us can do this on our own.”

  • How Can I Know I Am Born Again

    How Can I Know I Am Born Again

    How can I know I am born again? 😳 Whenever I offer to sketchnote a sermon for a pastor I find that they never give me a boring sermon to sketchnote. They are usually the rough ones and this one from Dale Partridge at @relearnhq is no exception. I listened to this video on YouTube…

  • Exodus 18:23

    Exodus 18:23

    Did you know a group of tigers is called an AMBUSH!? Totally fitting and genuinely terrifying. The imagery in this verse should probably be from the perspective of us being the tiger although I’m sure some of you out there are enduring situations far worse than encountering an ambush of tigers…

  • Season of the Soul – Week 2

    Season of the Soul – Week 2

    If you would have asked me yesterday what a “Fugazi” was I would have responded “Oh that’s a punk band from the 90’s.” Not anymore! Always learning, always learning… I headed back over to @waymaker.church (online) to catch the next sermon in their Seasons of the Soul series and it continues to be revelatory. There’s…