False Teachers

“Be very careful when you take somebody who agrees with all of the major tenants of faith and label them a false teacher. You may be hindering someone from receiving a blessing in your effort to block them from receiving something false.

You can be free to listen to whoever you want. You can eat the meat and spit out the fat.” @allengparr

I post a lot of stuff here without a lot of context. Sometimes my brain fills in the gaps properly; most of the time unfortunately it doesn’t. What is fortunate is that almost all of the discourse that happens here has been really civil and beneficial.

I don’t have all the answers – and if I’m really transparent I don’t many answers at all. What I do enjoy is hearing what people have to say and digging into the reasons they say it regardless of who has labeled them.

This video from Allen Parr about false teachers really struck me because a.) I’ve drawn almost all of the people he talks about and b.) his final instruction I found to be humble and graceful. Personally, I’m not interested in calling anybody out – there’s plenty of pages out there doing that and I don’t think I really have anything to add to that conversation. I’m just out here trying to learn what I can from whoever is speaking. 

Like always, Allen’s video is really insightful! Check it out! 🙌🏼

Alisa Childers Podcast #96

“As Bible students, we have to be careful that we don’t read into the text what we want it to say – we have to let the text speak for itself.” @allengparr

The thing I really like about podcasts is the feeling that I get to hang out with a couple of interesting people as they talk about something that I really don’t have any authority to speak about. The @alisachilderspodcast is no different and I’ve been listening to them at various time throughout the last month. While this conversation in particular was wide ranging (like babies in heaven, the prosperity gospel, and slavery) this quote from Allen Parr really stuck out to me. I used to be the kind of person that would use the Bible in a tactical way to prove a point I was making rather than just digging into what the actual words were saying. In fact, I didn’t really read the words at all. It’s frustratingly easy to be a Christian and never really have to pick up the source from which all of this flows.

There’s a ton of great episodes, I can’t draw them all, but I’ve learned so much in digging through them. Thanks Alisa! 🙌