Russell Moore on those in Ecclesial Power

“To those of you who have been bullied and intimidated, had your names and your reputations destroyed by those in ecclesial power because you spoke up about abuse, or stood with those who did: 

Jesus is far better than this. And he’s watching.

Goodbye to all of that.”

@russellmoore on Twitter

I know these tweets (and my post from yesterday) are in reference to the happenings at the SBC. I can’t say I understand 100% what’s going on but if there’s a side to take, one side being that of power and the other side being that of those who have been damaged, I feel like standing with the damaged is the proper position to take. We are not perfect, and we don’t expect those in power to be perfect but we expect them to be honest. My desire is that they’d rather risk their power than silence the powerless. 

By Paul Mignard

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