Managing Leadership Anxiety – Steve Cuss

I sketch noted Managing Leadership Anxiety by @stevecusswords. I’m going to tread lightly here; anxiety is a prickly topic that I’m not qualified to speak about. I did find a lot of great tools and tactics in this book. I found it pretty difficult to sketch note because the topics are sometimes subtle and deeply profound (especially his chapter on Anxiety, Freedom, and How the Gospel Works.) Frankly, most of my topics are pretty light and here I am reading Steve’s journey as a chaplain at a trauma hospital and seeing a side of the world I’m generally not exposed to. All that to say; this one is deep. Steve presents real causes of anxiety in different situations and not only how to deal with them but more importantly he explains where they came from. It’s actually a pretty quick read but to get the most out of it I’d recommend going through it a few times and Steve actually recommends going through it with a group. There’s a lot to unpack here – check it out! Steve has a podcast as well; you can find out more at (such a great url 🙌.)

By Paul Mignard

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