Wes Molebash!

“Here are three *seemingly* well-intentioned things I think have severely wounded American Christianity: Right Wing Politics, the satanic panic of the 80’s, Purity Culture of the 90’s.”

@thewesmolebash – from twitter

Gotta be honest, I was a little nervous to post this one. But here we go!

I’ve followed Wes for a while – he was the author of a web comic series I was super into called “You’ll have that” about a decade ago. Recently I’ve found his tweets on modern Christianity to be enlightening and challenging. This one was no different.

Before I say anything I believe nothing can destroy American Christianity. But as humans we just can’t help but mess things up. Even when we do things with the best intentions they sometimes just don’t work out. I think of issues like racial injustice or the prosperity gospel or celebrity culture and it just seems like our piety gets the best of us sometimes.

There was a time where I aligned “raw-food veganism” with Biblical values. I believed I was “honoring God” by what I ate and by definition…others weren’t. It’s not a place I want to be again. I know people that have been hurt by one or all three of these things. And I’m sure there’s a new thing right around the corner. Or worse, it’s already here. 

I figure, as long as I can keep talking about Jesus, He will overshadow the mistakes that I make.

By Paul Mignard

Illustrator and Sketchnoter. I prefer pizza over tacos. I like to draw things without fur much more than things with fur. When presented with two choices I pick the one that's less complicated.