Thomas Road Christmas Eve Service

I’m a little late on this one but we still have our Christmas decorations up so it’s fair game! I wish I was able to draw everyone that’s involved with these services because I realize there is a small army required to put this on and we never see them. God bless you all out there, the work is remarkable and I join with others in appreciation of you! Thanks! 

I’ve enjoyed seeing all the family photos and worship services on social media this year. During these times His names rises above all others – I pray for all of us in this family to grow closer to Him this year. God bless you all – Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Service at @thomasroad

Hope Changes Everything

Sunday morning at @thomasroad! Hope changes everything! Scott Bullman presented a great sermon on anchoring ourselves to the hope that only Jesus provides. 🙌🏼

All In!

Scott Bullman came in HOT with this message about Elisha from 1 Kings. A timeless message for a timeless need – to see God’s people on fire for Him.

Side Note: He barely mentioned the Clemson Tigers but I don’t need much provocation to add a tiger to a sermon note. 😅

Sing Noel – Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Sermons like the one Scott Bullman preached this weekend at TRBC always stick with me because the idea of angels out there walking among us is interesting, comforting, and terrifying all at the same time. I’ve been thinking about them ever since the sermon. I remember Charles preaching a sermon about them a couple of years ago, I didn’t digitally sketch that one so I may need to dig it up and redo it!

Anyway, God bless your week!

Good New for Hard Times – Part II

“A faith that is tested is a faith that is trusted.”

Worship leader extraordinaire Scott Bullman took the reigns at TRBC this last Sunday to continue the Good News for Hard Times series. This series is a little difficult to illustrate because there is SO MUCH CONTENT. The handout they gave us had 4 pages of notes just for this sermon. I tried to distill it down as much as possible without losing the meaning!

In other news, I think next week I’m going to add some white space to the sketch note. This one is pretty busy and a lot of lines are filler and not details which I’m not too crazy about. Plus it’s been a while since I snuck an octopus into my notes. 😅