Choosing Space for Hobbies

“Choosing Fun, making space for hobbies in your spiritual life is actually going to be a deposit in who you want to be in the long run.” @anniefdowns

I’ve sketched a few episodes of the @preachersnsneakers podcast – he interviews some really interesting people and this one was no exception! I’ve got a pile of books to read already but I’m definitely going to add “That Sounds Fun” by Annie F. Downs to it. I identify with this quote so much because it’s exactly what I’m doing here. I’ve tried the “make art on the internet” thing quite a few times and it always failed because “getting paid” was my measure of success. When I changed it around to “I’m going to try and honor Jesus and enjoy it” is when I really started to feel not success but joy. I don’t feed my family with what I make from creating sketches but I definitely feed my soul.

That last sentence was a little gooey. You know what, I’m going to leave it there! 😅 Thanks for another awesome podcast – I appreciate what you do! 🙌

Preachers N Sneakers – John Cooper

“If we could encourage Christians to believe the Word of God we would find a lot of people totally fulfilled by Christ.”

I’ve drawn “Tyler” and the PREACHERS podcast before and it does not disappoint. This podcast with John Cooper was particularly inspiring. There’s something infectious about listening to someone who is joyful about their faith sharing the things on their heart and listening to John here just left me exciting about being a Christian. They cover a lot of ground here but the time just flies by. I’m already a Skillet fan but now I’m off to check out the Cooper stuff podcast! Geez, there are so many awesome people out here serving our awesome God! 🙌

Also – nobody has seen Tyler yet right? I started drawing him in this “Batman: Court of Owls” style and after I published everything I was thinking “what if he revealed himself and I missed it?” 😅 I’m not changing it now! Ha ha ha

Preachers N Sneakers – Whitney Bauck

Ok, this one needs some context.

If you’re not familiar with @preachersnsneakers , it’s an account that features pastors and other Christian leaders wearing really expensive clothes. Did I mention it’s controversial? It’s controversial. “Tyler” the anonymous person that runs the account has a genuine heart and an excellent podcast. On this episode, @unwrinkling spoke at length about our relation as believers to the world of fashion and our responsibility to try and reduce the amount of exploitation and general waste that our buying purchases create. There’s so much good stuff there and my inarticulate explanation is doing more harm than good so just go listen to it and I’m sure you’ll walk away with at least few things to think about! 😅