Discipline Goes a Long Way

Another great sermon at TRBC today! Pastor Jonathan spoke about discipline which I would think is difficult because it can mean so many different things to different people. 

Usually my analog notes look totally different than the digital but they were actually pretty close this time. Sometimes it all works out!


Survive or Thrive, Part II

I’m going to try and start posting the sermon links. I’ll probably need to go back and update all of the other posts without sermon links. 🤔 Maybe the links will start from this post forward…


Survive or Thrive

Trying to step up my sheep-drawing game one sketch note at a time. 🐑🐑


Words Matter, Part IV

Subtitle: Paid in Full. Powerful message, totally appropriate to lead us into Easter.


Words Matter, Part III

Subtitle: The Will of God.


Love in Action

Does anybody else get nervous when a pastor starts a sermon with, “This sermon is for the men of this church?” Nobody? Just me? Cool, cool. 😅


And The Greatest of These is Love

“If we are not known by our love then we are not following His plan.”

Pastor Jonathan Falwell has been pointing a lot of fingers at Christians lately and it has been pretty awesome. 😬

Say Yes…Time to Follow, Part II

Say Yes…Time to Follow

Say Yes: First and Foremost…Love!