Won’t you be my Neighbor – Part II

Imagine if everyone on twitter listened to and followed the instructions in today’s message. Geez, do most Christians even follow this? I don’t have anybody that I hate but this message definitely gave me guidance on how I speak and think about public figures. 🤔 Thank you Pastor Jonathan!


Won’t you be my Neighbor

This was such a great message; I feel like so many churches are rushing to align themselves politically and Pastor Jonathan quoted Jesus pretty simply here…


Jesus in the House

Charles Billingsley gave the sermon at Thomas Road on Sunday; this guy is apparently talented at everything!!


Get in the Game

“You don’t change the world by being a nice guy!” 

As a stereotypical “nice guy” this gives me a lot to think about. 🧐 Great message over at TRBC on Sunday.


Good News for Hard Times – Part IV

I’m a week behind! 😬 Here are last weeks sermon notes from TRBC as we continue to roll through 1 Peter. I’ll catch up this week and have today’s sermon notes up soon. 1 Peter 3:16 is a doozy.

I included the time-lapse so you can see how many times I have to erase when making these things 


Good New for Hard Times – Part III

1 Peter is packed with some awesome stuff. Pastor Jonathan had a ton of notes at Thomas Road and I tried to summarize it the best I could but there was just so much!


Good New for Hard Times – Part II

“A faith that is tested is a faith that is trusted.”

Worship leader extraordinaire Scott Bullman took the reigns at TRBC this last Sunday to continue the Good News for Hard Times series. This series is a little difficult to illustrate because there is SO MUCH CONTENT. The handout they gave us had 4 pages of notes just for this sermon. I tried to distill it down as much as possible without losing the meaning!

In other news, I think next week I’m going to add some white space to the sketch note. This one is pretty busy and a lot of lines are filler and not details which I’m not too crazy about. Plus it’s been a while since I snuck an octopus into my notes. 😅

Good News for Hard Times – Part I

“We are not yet home.”

Both Pastor Jonathan and I were taking notes with an Apple Pencil this morning and there were A LOT of notes to take. This’ll be a 5 part series so I’m thinking of stringing the next few sermon notes together so it’ll just be one long image when it’s through!


The Call to Continue

I don’t know if Jonathan has ever said it but I imagine the “Jesus First’ pin that he always wears on his lapel belonged to his dad; I try to make sure it’s on there every time I draw him!

I really appreciated the sermon this morning, not only is there a great promise in Jesus’ message but also a great challenge!


God’s Timing is Always Perfect

Ok, today’s sermon by Ben Gutierrez was kinda tricky for me. I think I’ve gotten used to Pastor Jonathan’s sermon style so when someone else speaks it takes me a second to get a feel for where it’s going. I don’t think I really got it until I redrew it tonight but I tried to get as close to Gutierrez’ original message as possible. Anyway, Jesus raised a man from the dead – believe that!