Are You Really OK?

“It’s easy to dream of where we want to be, but what sets health people apart from unhealthy people comes down to the steps they make to move toward change.” Debra Fileta from @truelovedates in her new book “Are You Really Ok?”

I want to be careful with this topic because I feel like modern Christian culture tells us things about therapy, medication, and mental health that are at best kinda wrong but at worst can lead to damaging results.

I’ve heard all of phrases relating to depression and anxiety and usually they are short and vapid and followed by an out of context verse. Therapy, therapists, and medications are all totally valid ways to deal with mental health. 

I was sent over an advanced copy of this book because Debra is an awesome person and I’m a fan of her work. This book is super insightful if at times hard to read because there is a lot of transparency in here. This is a very personal story and God’s love is all over it. I appreciate the frank tone but also the concrete steps and tactics outlined to deal with a multitude of issues. I’ll be picking it up on kindle because I couldn’t highlight the pdf I have. First world problems and all. 🤷‍♂️

I’ve been highly influenced by her work – this isn’t just a book for those struggling; it’s for all of us. It’s available today on Amazon! 

Love in Every Season by Debra Fileta

I love being married. It’s seriously the great adventure of my life and it keeps getting better and better. Like all rewarding things in life though it’s not something that just happens; I gotta keep sharpening the axe. In saying that “Love in Every Season” by Debra Fileta is a fantastic (and biblical) exploration into the different phases people can find themselves in from time to time. It’s a quick read that is highly entertaining and provides a great framework to view your relationship through. If you happen to be at a bookstore at least flip through it and read the gray highlights; you’ll find something that speaks to you! Check it out!

Debra Fileta Quote

I couldn’t agree with this more. I don’t think any conflict in my life has been made better by waiting for the “right time” and that’s most true in my marriage. It’s like a water leak or a knock in the engine; get in the right mindset and start working on it until it’s fixed. Conflict is not the enemy; apathy is the enemy. Ephesians 4:25-32

Full sketch note of this book by @truelovedates coming soon. It’s so good. 🙌🏻