Carey Nieuwhof on Winning

“Winning at work while you’re losing at home means you’re losing. Period.”

@careynieuwhof from “At Your Best”

I haven’t read Carey’s new book yet (it’s arriving today!) but I’m all for a positive, Christ-centered approach to handling our lives and our businesses in a way that honors Him and our families at the expense to explosive growth and massive productivity. I totally get that some people are just in a tough position and can’t just drop their work responsibilities when they conflict with family life (I’m thinking military, first responders, etc) but I’ve also seen plenty of people who have thrown away the promise of an amazing family for the accolades of work. I’m excited to see how this book approaches this topic!

*I wasn’t paid to write this – I’m just a huge fan of Carey’s work and appreciate his voice! 🙌*

Steve Carter on Character

“Sometimes, success can take you places where character cannot sustain you.” 

Steve Carter talking to Carey Nieuwhof on YouTube!

OK, Steve quoted Dave Chappelle saying this quote but I thought it was so relevant that I drew it here!

I know nothing about full-time paid ministry. Other than serving in the church in various volunteer capacities I’ve never been in a paid ministry position so for me to opine about what is required and not required for proper ministry is way over my head. This conversation was super informative and I really appreciated Steve’s transparency in all that was discussed because it is a world in which I am totally unfamiliar. Check it out here on YouTube:

P.S. Steve was wearing a hat in this video and I tried *desperately* to draw it and for whatever reason I couldn’t make it not look like I giant clown hat. After about the 10th revision I lost the hat. 🤷‍♂️

P.S.S. In-n-out burger is the best burger. Five guys make a good burger, comparable perhaps, but In-N-Out brings me back to my teenage years growing up in Vegas. I haven’t tried Smashburger yet.

P.S.S.S. I’ve drawn Carey enough that I can now spell “Nieuwhof” without having to look it up. 👏

The Task

“If all you do is bring people to your church for a show you’re going to be ineffective. You have to take the missionary task unto yourself.” @mark_clark

I really enjoy the @careynieuwhof podcast not just for the people he has on but I feel like it’s a frank discussion about our responsibilities as Christians. While we all may not be in paid ministry (me included) we have just as much work to do in fulfilling what we’re commanded to do.

It’s a great watch on Youtube and if you stick around long enough you’ll see Mark do a song and dance routine. 😅

The Rich Christian

“In Christ, I’m loved more than I dared hope. For the poor person, you should dwell on your high position with Jesus. For the rich Christian, you need to remember your low position as a sinner saved only by grace.” @timkellernyc

This is from an older YouTube video (well, almost a year but I guess that’s old now 🤷‍♂️) but it showed up on my recommended and since it’s from @careynieuwhof I watched it! There were a ton of topics covered here from inherited religion, conservative evangelicals vs. liberal evangelicals, fruits of the spirit, and more. This statement stuck with me though because it highlights the great equalizing effect that Jesus has on all of us. It flattens the hierarchy. Those who are low are risen up and those that are high are struck down and all are made equal under Jesus Christ.

Sadly, I had no idea who Tim Keller was before watching this video. Apparently there are so many great thinkers it’s hard to know them all! There were parts of this video I struggled with but I think that’s the point right? 

Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast with Kayla Stoecklein

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” -Brad Metzler

I did not want to listen to this episode. I started listening to this podcast after hearing @careynieuwhof speak at FutureFWD and it’s usually really encouraging but I knew this episode specifically that speaks about anxiety, depression, and suicide would be a rough one to hear and it was. It IS. @kaylasteck is the wife of a pastor that we lost to suicide and hearing about how this all went down was gut-wrenching. 

The thing that hit me hard was when Kayla was describing this sermon that Andrew was about to give in the above quote and the sense was that “it had to go on.” I watch a lot of sermons and I wonder how many times I’ve seen a sermon (or even sketched a sermon) where the pastor was going through some personal turmoil that no one even knew about. I’m sure there are fights that haven’t been resolved but how many times do we see a pastor preaching about the light but going through unspeakable darkness?

When I go to church, or even when I listen online I’m not there for a performance. If my pastor came out one Sunday morning and said “I planned to preach today but I have a real problem that needs to be solved. Please worship amongst yourselves, use this time for prayer and go home early” I would totally be ok with that. I hate to hear the pressure that pastors are under and the idea that they have to face it alone. I don’t know how we change the narrative but I know we don’t change anything by pretending it’s not a problem. 

FutureFWD – Carey Nieuwof