Farmers Don’t Build Babels

Maybe we need less language about building something great, and more language about tending the field God gave you. Head down, hand on the plow, eyes on Christ.

Because farmers don’t build babels.


Sharon recently made an appearance here but this quote went so well with the one I posted from Tim Keller yesterday I had to include it.

This type of thinking really resonates with me. I’ve personally found my work to be the most fulfilling when I’ve narrowed the scope and reduced the expectations of what it meant to be “successful.” I’ve tried making money with my art and it always kinda fell short. I could make *some* money but the idea that I could support my family with art alone was something that always frustratingly eluded me. It wasn’t until I started this account and explicitly decided to *not* make it profitable that I started to realize how much I enjoy the creation process. It removed the measure of success I imposed on it of which I had no control. The longer I spend on here, my virtual field so to speak, the more I keep removing the metrics that would implicate “something great.” I don’t know what the future holds but I certainly don’t plan on taking the hand off of the plow.

Some real 1 Thessalonians 4:11 vibes and I’m here for it. 🙌

By Paul Mignard

Illustrator and Sketchnoter. I prefer pizza over tacos. I like to draw things without fur much more than things with fur. When presented with two choices I pick the one that's less complicated.