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“I think most people aren’t actually upset with “cancel culture.” They’re conflicted that they, themselves, now have to reconcile something. And, instead of courageously jumping in to grapple with it, they first lash out at the person or the thing that has revealed it.” EJ Gaines

Phew, Ok, give me a second on this one! This quote from @ejgaines got me thinking…

This is a post about Dr. Suess…kinda. It’s about just trying to be open to the idea that we should re-evaluate things once in a while. Just because I believe a thought at one point doesn’t mean that it’s true at another. The truth will always stand firm – I find in seeking God and learning more about Jesus I find that His words intensify under scrutiny. Other things, not so much.

The problem as I see it is that the phrase I keep hearing is “the left cancelled Dr. Suess” but if you actually dig into the issue there’s more to it. What I see is a company that owns an asset (in this case the work of Dr. Suess) recognized that some of their imagery could be offensive; Understandable as it was written during a different time. They’ve elected to stop promoting that imagery. Seems prudent? If a work I made caused great offense to a large group of people I would want to know about it. This is especially true if the offense I caused had nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with stereotypes about race.

Just because something was “fine” for me as a kid doesn’t mean it’s fine forever. The Word of God doesn’t change but we do. I’m not saying you should do anything with it other than invite the struggle in rather than just push it off as another “victim of the cancel culture.”

I know I will.

By Paul Mignard

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