Brady Boyd on Success

“Jesus did not speak English, was never married and had no children, did not own a home, and died an early death, abandoned by his closest friends. In other words, very little about his life measures up to our ideas of success. Maybe, we are the ones who need to redefine success.”

@pastorbradyboyd on twitter

There’s a lot of different ways to take this but I know personally that redefining success for me has nothing to do with owning large houses and electric cars and a lot more to do with loving God and loving people. I love the idea that a person can literally seek God and then redefine their definitions and become a “success” today. 

By Paul Mignard

Illustrator and Sketchnoter. I prefer pizza over tacos. I like to draw things without fur much more than things with fur. When presented with two choices I pick the one that's less complicated.