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Justin Khoe on Sabbath

“You will sabbath by choice or by force.

What do I mean?

If you don’t choose to enter into the rhythms ordained by God in creation, if you continually violate this law of nature, eventually sickness, disease or burnout will force your body to take the rest God designed it to enjoy.”

Justin Khoe on IG

I’m a theological dum-dum but it appears that while it’s not sinful to not observe a weekly sabbath; it’s certainly foolish.

As someone who is getting older (well, I guess *technically* we are all getting older – maybe I should say, as my body enters the back half of its’ useful life 😅) the idea of rest and prioritizing rest as a discipline is really becoming a practice I’m trying to get better at. 

I think Justin’s message here is very prophetic – in most situations, your body will take the rest it needs. You can push it, but eventually that engine is going to blow and you’ll be sidelined while it rebuilds itself. And as I’ve discovered you don’t always return to 100% from injuries.

Rest is something God designed for us to enjoy. I get everyone has a crazy situation; but rest is good and we’d be wise to figure out how to take part in it.

Although after following Justin on IG I’m now looking for a kettlebell. I’m sure throwing that thing around helps with rest part. 😅