Jason Mayfield!

“Anytime you simplify down to a derogatory phrase you strip it of all theology.” @thejasonmayfield

I totally get the irony here as I’ve summarized a hour-long YouTube video into a single quote but still – so true. 

This is the series that when it comes up in my YouTube feed I stop whatever I’m doing and listen. I’ve mentioned it before but it’s “Stop Quoting that Verse” over on @ruslankd ’s channel and it’s so good. I learn so much, I take so many notes, and it’s seriously entertaining.

One thing I’ve been trying to do lately is check the things I’m sharing. I find a lot of people will share an article without reading it, share a video without watching, or will quote a verse without having read the chapter. Or the book. Or any of the Bible really. As someone who shares a lot of stuff, I fall guilty to the same thing! Just yesterday I shared about Nimrod and it turns out, he is not a guy that we should consider a hero in any way. I fall guilty to the same trap where I’ll read a lot *about* the Bible but don’t open it quite as much. Not good. What is good is the feedback I’ve gotten and people being willing to talk to me about the things they are learning as well. 

I find this quote doesn’t just apply to biblical verses. There’s so much that I’ve been challenged with this last year. Politics and people are not just good vs. evil. There’s nuance and subtlety to each of us and situations are rarely what we think they are. 

Stop Quoting that Verse!

“It’s not what the scripture is saying, it’s out of context. We do this to justify our own opinion and to take the judgmental and selfish bias in our own mind and impose it on other people.” 

Roy Dockery

Wooooooooo boy. I found so much of this video to be insightful and it changes my mind and approach on the verse 1 Thessalonians 5:22. Ruslan hosted a video with a few other pastors called “Stop Quoting that Verse” and this is my new favorite series on YouTube! All four of them bring great insight and open the Word in a way that’s exploratory and convicting. 

This quote stuck out at my in particular because I’ve certainly been guilty of this. There was a time when I was a “raw food vegan” – you can already see the legalism and judgement because of the “raw food” designation – and I used the Bible as the explanation for why I ate that way. Not only was the diet awful, I feel like it turned me into an awful person. Being a person who looks down on other people for their eating choices is not a healthy place to be. Using the Bible to justify it is just an extra special portion of awful on top of that. If the scriptures are being used in a prideful way, if it’s being used not in humility but to put someone in a lower position that yourself, you might need to check your own heart and why it is you’re doing what you’re doing. 

Check out the post on my site to see the video – my friend, it’ll be a hour well spent. 🙌