“Only God’s love can fill the hunger in our soul.” @derwinlgray at @transformationchurch

This was a good one; as one who has “people-pleasing” tendencies this is the message I needed to hear. 

The people pleasing is a futile act. Like Dr. Gray states: “No amount of human approval will be enough.” The verses he quotes here are powerful – especially when Paul details what he’s willing to endure for the Gospel. I love the idea not of becoming offensive, but becoming un-offendable. I took so many notes for this one but as you can see there’s not enough room to pack it all. If you lean to people pleasing, it would be worth your time to check out!

I’m constantly amazed and encouraged by the sheer amount of amazing preaching that is available right now. 🙌 More to come this week.

FutureFWD – Dr. Derwin Gray