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Carey Nieuwhof on Winning

“Winning at work while you’re losing at home means you’re losing. Period.”

@careynieuwhof from “At Your Best”

I haven’t read Carey’s new book yet (it’s arriving today!) but I’m all for a positive, Christ-centered approach to handling our lives and our businesses in a way that honors Him and our families at the expense to explosive growth and massive productivity. I totally get that some people are just in a tough position and can’t just drop their work responsibilities when they conflict with family life (I’m thinking military, first responders, etc) but I’ve also seen plenty of people who have thrown away the promise of an amazing family for the accolades of work. I’m excited to see how this book approaches this topic!

*I wasn’t paid to write this – I’m just a huge fan of Carey’s work and appreciate his voice! 🙌*