Dr. Russell Moore

“In the revelation of the sexual abuse scandals, you will find people that want to protect the reputation of the ministry. In doing this, the outside world sees that we don’t believe the things we say we believe.” Dr. @russellmoore

There’s some context needed here because the discussion between Dr. Moore and Skye on the @holypostpodcast dove into some areas of consumer Christianity that are illuminating and humbling. We, the church, don’t have this figured out. I have to imagine there’s just as much abuse and torment and racism inside the church as there is outside – we just try to cover it up. In doing so, it just hurts our witness and causes people to question this person named Jesus that we are always talking about. 

I don’t know what the solution is – there probably isn’t a solution we can enact because we are an imperfect people with imperfect ideas that would be executed incorrectly anyway. But I do know that discussion, coupled with grace and humility and prayer, is a better way to proceed. 

I was really blessed by this – I appreciate all the work happening over at the Holy Post Podcast! God bless you all over there!

By Paul Mignard

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