This was a commission for my brother-in-law Rick Ouimet, pastor of Mosaic Church here in Lynchburg. It’s a summation of his most often used (and beloved) catch phrases! His wonderful wife wanted to surprise him with it for his birthday and I appreciated being a part of it. You could probably string together an entire sermon series off of these phrases alone! 😅 Happy Birthday!

Wilson Community Church Children’s Ministry

I had the pleasure of being commissioned to make some GIANT stickers for the hallway of the new kids ministry wing for Wilson Community Church. An old boss and friend set up the narrative and after handling my many delays (still sorry about that 😬) they were able to get them installed for the grand opening!

It was a fantastic experience and I’d highly recommend going the sticker route! Not only are they reproducible but I couldn’t imagine how long they would have taken if I was hand-painting them! Here’s the full set:

The other part of this project was a huge timeline connecting all of the murals; I won’t post them all but here’s what they looked like:

It was a great project with some great memories. I hope it’s useful to them for years to come! 🙌🏻