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A General Observation

I’m a church historian and theologian who teaches leadership courses. Please indulge a general observation. Pastors who really enjoy theology should probably read a few more leadership books. And pastors who really enjoy leadership should probably read a few more theology books.

NATHAN A FINN from Twitter

So I was digging *deep* into my ideas folder and somehow I randomly wound up at this quote. Here’s the crazy part, Dr. Finn is the provost at North Greenville University – I’m only familiar with the University because I drive through the campus on the way to visit my grandmother in Travelers Rest which is almost literally a stones throw from the campus. 

In a world so large with so many people, sometimes it can feel so small. 

NOTE: I only have a few pictures/videos to go off of when I make these things. At first it seemed like Dr. Finn either didn’t have hair or it was super short but now I’m digging around maybe he does have hair? 🤦🏻‍♂️ I think you look awesome *without* the hair but apologies if you have this magnificent head of hair that I’ve totally neglected.