Ray Chang on Identity

“There are a ton of studies out there that show that political identities are a greater source of ones identity than their religion or ethnicity. The average Christian in the U.S. worships a donkey or an elephant more than the lamb of God. And the rising generation is taking note of this.”

@raychang502 speaking to @heatherthompsonday on the @viraljesuspod

I so enjoy this podcast. Whenever I find myself hitting the back button multiple times because I want to hear something said again I know it’s a thing that’s going in the “stuff to draw” folder. I’m a huge of Raymond (I drew him on here a few months ago) and he came swinging right out the gate on this one. 

I tried to fit A LOT into this one. I hope you can actually read it. 😅

Viral Jesus and the Christian Platform

“I like to encourage people to lean into the opportunities that do come your way. Your gifts will make your way for you. The angst comes from what you are called to do versus what the world is asking you to do.”

@karenswallowprior and @heatherthompsonday on the Viral Jesus Podcast

I feel like I find new podcasts *daily.* There are so many good ones out there! I really appreciated this episode with Karen Swallow Prior and Heather Thompson Day about building a platform on social media. Be forewarned, there are no tips, no hashtag advice or discussion of whether reels or IGTV is more effective; this is a talk about the motivations behind wanting to be on social media and how we can best reflect and honor Jesus without losing our souls. In short; do good work and don’t worry about the follower count.

This part of their discussion really struck me because I’ve tried to “do something” with my art in the past and it always fell short. I could never stick with it, I could never find the motivation to do anything long-term, and I never felt any passion behind the messaging. It wasn’t until I used what Jesus gave me in the form of my art skills *in reflecting what I’m learning about him* that I really found excitement in what my art could become. Social media plays a huge part in it and I’m really interested in what Karen describes as “stewarding it well” instead of the immense growth that can sometimes cloud the goal.

Great episode and now I have yet another podcast in this unmanageable pile of podcasts that I’m subscribed to. 😬😅